How a strong digital strategy builds successful businesses

By Alex Pattenden, Unity Online
The potential your business can unleash online knows no bounds. But if there is one thing over a decade in digital marketing has taught me, it is that no business can succeed without the solid foundations of a strong digital strategy.
Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Summer | Autumn 2023
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Digital Strategy: Unity Online

Every business should have a strategy built to harness the power of technology – driving its progression and improving business performance.  That could include using tactics such as social media advertising, email marketing or pay-per-click advertising through search engines like Google.

A good strategy is tailored towards the individual goals you set for your organisation, be that driving more traffic to your website, increasing sales or driving brand awareness. These methods open up a new world of possibilities for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to reach new customers or even rank alongside some of their industry’s giants on search engines.

How successful can they be?

Every day I witness first-hand just how beneficial digital strategies can be to building a stronger business.

The Unity Online team has helped businesses unleash their potential and grow exponentially thanks to their newfound online presence. Our successes include increasing the number of online enquiries to a client by more than 800%, while another saw a monthly return on investment rise by over 3,800%. We’ve seen Suffolk-based businesses rise to national prominence, while others have expanded their trading to the continent thanks to the new audiences unlocked through their strategies.  

Those kinds of results are just a drop in the ocean of what could be possible. And that’s what makes this line of work so exciting. Simply put, these strategies offer businesses something that could never have been possible through traditional means of advertising and marketing. We are talking exposure on a mammoth scale, not just to customers in our clients’ core heartland, but beyond it too – helping them grow even further as a business.

How do you build an effective strategy?

No successful strategy can be built without a thorough understanding of your audience. Social media apps like Tik Tok and Snapchat might be among the fastest growing on the market – but if your target audience doesn’t use them, then why should you? That’s why like with every build, you can’t overlook the planning process.

Tools are available to help you better understand where your audience is online, the types of content they like, where they access that content and the most effective ways to introduce them to your business. But it is important to stress that these strategies take time. And they take a lot of expertise to deliver the kinds of results your business is aiming for.

That’s why the Unity Online team take the time to understand our clients, their needs and get to the very core of who their target audience is. And it’s because of that dedication to our craft that we build such successful digital strategies that achieve the highest calibre results.

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Alex Pattenden is Managing Director of Unity Online, a leading digital marketing agency offering SEO, PPC and web design services to clients across the UK.

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