How to bring your ‘A’ game to the office

By Stuart Robertson, Doctorgolf.
I’m sure we all know people who can be described as tenacious, but what does that really mean, and how can we develop it?
Published in UK Director Magazines Summer 2024

Doctorgolf: Stuart Robertson, Doctorgolf

Within the golfing world, tenacity is a vital attribute for anyone wanting to improve their game, as it will significantly impact a player’s performance on the course.

Golfers who possess a tenacious mindset believe in their ability to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, regardless of the obstacles they may encounter. This self-belief is essential for success, as it empowers players to trust their instincts, commit to their shots, and perform at their best – even in high pressure situations. These golfers will approach each round as an opportunity to learn, grow, and refine their skills. By embracing the challenges and setbacks they encounter on the course, they can identify areas for development and make the necessary adjustments to elevate their game to new heights.

A successful mindset

Golf is as much a mental game as it is physical, and developing mental resilience will enable players to bounce back from poor shots and stay composed under pressure. This will allow them to overcome obstacles without letting frustration or doubt affect their performance. It can be challenging to maintain focus over the course of a round, but tenacious golfers possess the ability to block out distractions such as noise, wind, and rain, staying laser focused for each shot. Their unwavering concentration allows them to execute their game plan with precision, thereby maximising their chances of success on every hole.

Tenacity will also foster a mindset of consistency and discipline, and golfers who are relentless in their pursuit of improvement are more likely to stick to their practice routines, refine their skills, and develop a more reliable technique. This dedication to continuous effort will translate into a more reliable performance on the course.

Transferrable skills

Golf is notorious for its ups and downs, with even the best players experiencing moments of struggle or disappointment. Tenacity equips golfers with the resilience needed to navigate these rough patches without losing confidence or motivation, instead using these moments to fuel their determination to improve and succeed. All great traits to take into the business arena!

The golf course directly mirrors the working world as it presents a myriad of challenges, from difficult course layouts to unpredictable weather conditions. After all, you never know exactly how the ball will land or how you will have to play it! Tenacious players will approach these moments with determination, embracing the opportunity to problem-solve and adapt their strategies, ultimately improving their ability to navigate tough situations.

Of course, the benefits of this trait extend far beyond the fairways and greens. By cultivating a more tenacious mindset, anyone can unlock their full potential, maximise their performance and achieve the level of success they desire.

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