How to get the most out of a photographer

By Warren Page, Pagepix
Whether you are working on gaining publicity for your business, producing a company brochure, or designing a new website, using a professional photographer can enhance your results.

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine Autumn 2021
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Yet, to get the best out of your investment, it is worth considering these five tips.

1. Keep it brief

You might think you know what you want from a photoshoot, but don’t make the brief so long and detailed that it stifles creativity and prevents the photographer coming up with good ideas that could complement your own vision.

2. Be flexible

Occasionally things don’t always go to plan and photos often don’t quite turn out as you expected. Particularly with events work, a photographer can only record what actually happens, so be prepared for a slightly different set of images than what you had originally envisaged.

3. Don’t brief too late

It’s not the end of the world for a photographer, but you get the best results if they have time to make plans, come up with ideas and prepare the specific equipment they need.

4. Say what the images will be used for

This will have a bearing on things such as image shapes, sizes and resolution, deadlines plus possible lighting and backdrops.

5. Check the address is correct:

Always give precise details of the address and provide a contact number for the job, and check they are correct. It’s always nicer, and less stressful, to be able to warn people if you are held up.

Warren Page is Founder of Pagepix and takes the front cover and lead interview photos for Norfolk Director and Suffolk Director magazines.
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