In today’s climate, every lead counts

By Matt Freestone, Unmatched

Welcome to the dynamic game of lead conversion, where the primary player isn't your sales team, but a powerful ally - your CRM.

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CRM: Matt Freestone, Unmatched

Your CRM isn’t just a tool, but a game-changer. By aligning the stars, or rather, your sales and marketing teams, it streamlines the journey from lead capture to customer conversion. By the end of this short article, you’ll understand how running consistent nurture campaigns will transform your pipeline.

First off, how does a CRM help with nurturing leads?

The cornerstone of a successful business is not only acquiring new leads, but efficiently managing them for optimal conversion. Enter the CRM. Your CRM keeps track of your contact information, tracks customer interactions, and even predicts future moves.

With a good CRM at your disposal, such as HubSpot, you’re equipped with a panoramic view of your business, enabling you to tailor your approach for each lead, significantly improving your chances of conversion.

A nurture campaign doesn’t have to be ‘salesy’

HubSpot allows you to harness the power of automated nurture campaigns to guide your leads along the buyer journey. For instance, Drip Campaigns gradually ‘drip’ information to the leads over a period of time, ensuring they are consistently engaged with your brand. It’s often best to provide expert insight into your industry or a common problem your customer has, rather than ramming your product or service down their throat!

Next, Product Education Campaigns enlighten your leads about your offerings in an engaging manner, building their trust in your products or services. Then there are the Re-Engagement Campaigns, crucial for reigniting the interest of leads who may have gone cold.

Lastly, Competitive Campaigns strategically position your brand against your competitors, showcasing why you are the better choice. These nurture campaigns, when expertly implemented, can increase your chances of converting a lead into a loyal customer.

Measuring success

Reporting on the success of your nurture campaigns is a breeze with HubSpot, especially when you pair it up with the expert team at Unmatched. The HubSpot platform provides comprehensive analytics and customisable dashboards, offering you a real-time view of your campaigns’ performance.

You can track key metrics like click-through rates, deal creation and conversion rates, and sales velocity, allowing you to pinpoint exactly how your leads are interacting with your campaigns. Plus, HubSpot also gives you the power to evaluate the revenue generated from each campaign, providing you with a clear assessment of your ROI.

Putting it all together

Nurturing leads is easier with a CRM, and if you’re running your business on spreadsheets you’re seriously missing out. A well-executed nurture programme can take your leads, whether they’re generated online at events or through other sources, and consistently nudge them along your sales pipeline. This avoids leads going cold, plus with well-timed automation, it can relieve your sales team from the constant churn of following leads up manually.

Leads aren’t easy to come by, make the most out of every single one of them.         

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