Innovate to a new healthier you

By Ben Gray, Suffolk Strength Academy
Today we are constantly trying to innovate by introducing new ideas or systems within our businesses, new technology into our lives, or all too often simply using it as a buzzword without ever actually doing anything innovative at all.

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Autumn/Winter 2020
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But… when was the last time you innovated the way you live your life, process your thoughts, or achieve a new level of health? After all it is your ability to function optimally on a daily basis that has the greatest impact on the quality and effectiveness of your decision making, and the direction of your business… in good, and more importantly, bad times.

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Your ability to do this rests primarily on the health of your body and mind, and subsequently the energy in which you approach each day.

Some questions to answer honestly

Do you sleep well for around eight hours each night? is your body free from pain? Are your hair, skin, and nails healthy? Do you get indigestion, headaches, or heartburn? Are you energetic most of the time? Are you happy with your body shape? Do you love the life you live? Are you grateful for the experience it presents you, both good and bad? Are you inspired to go and serve those you choose to serve on a daily basis? And do you approach your daily tasks enthusiastically?

If the answer to these questions produces a predominantly negative response, maybe it really is to time to innovate how you approach your health mentally and physically.

So, how do you innovate your approach?

Your current state is simply a reflection of how you have been doing things. By adopting a new approach now, you will change tomorrow. There’s no substance in doing the things you ‘think’ you should do, or have tried previously to improve your health, fitness, and mindset – they didn’t work. You need to innovate!

Change your view on the importance of the challenges being presented to you. Evolve your mindset and how it impacts you and the people around you, and develop ways of generating energy on a daily basis.

And… maybe place greater importance on how much you value your health and wellbeing, because until you increase that value your health will remain exactly where it is.

Start investing your time

These things all take time. Change always does but start by identifying where you invest your efforts and money most heavily and maybe ask yourself some pertinent questions.

  • Do you spend as much time in quiet solitude, thought, and meditation as you do looking at your smart phone?
  • Do you spend as much time focussing on what you can impact versus circumstances that you can’t?
  • Are you as heavily invested in looking after your personal health as you are the health of your business?
  • When was the last time you invested as heavily in your physical or mental health as you do in your cars, coffee machines, technology, take-outs, clothing, alcohol, etc?

There has NEVER been a more important time to invest in your own health, so maybe it’s time you started?

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Ben Gray is a personal fitness coach and the Founder and Owner of Suffolk Strength Academy. T: 07817 804716 E: or visit:

Photos taken by Georgie Kerr

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