Investing in innovation

By Sally Goodsell, Anglia Capital Group

Enthusiasm and passion for a business is infectious and if a founder can convey that to investors, they’re well on their way to success!

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Winter 2021|22

Investment: Anglia Capital Group

Our region is a hotbed of innovation and there are an impressive array of start-ups brimming with ideas and passion who are looking for support to take their fledgling businesses to the next level. Anglia Capital Group find and select the best start-ups, to pitch to our diverse membership group of Angel Investors. Over the last six years, ACG’s Angels have invested over £7 million into innovative businesses across the region. As a whole, ACG’s portfolio of companies have received over £46 million worth of investment in that time.

Start-ups, investing, innovation; many people associate the exciting world of Angel investing and start-ups with London. However, there are lots of interesting opportunities for investors to be involved in high-growth, innovative companies right here in Suffolk.

Opportunities for investment

ACG run ‘Dragon’s Den’ style events which are hugely exciting to be a part of. Investors attend pitching events, which run both in-person and online, to hear from the brightest and best start-ups. In addition to these live events, we have recently launched our online deal platform, where members can login at any time, from wherever they are, to view all of the open investment opportunities.

In order to be chosen to pitch at one of these exciting events and uploaded to the deal platform, prospective companies have to go through ACG’s rigorous screening process. During this process we see many companies who are seeking Angel investment. Founders who can really convey the passion they have for their business, along with a strong business case and exit strategy, of course, are the ones who do really well with our Angels.

“Being part of ACG has been a great experience, the pitching events are exciting because we get to see a really interesting array of different businesses. The group also allows me to collaborate with other investors, whether that’s by co-investing or simply bouncing ideas and opinions around with my peers. With the new online platform, I’m able to access deals at any time.”  Anglia Capital Group Member.

Investing in all sectors

We’re proud to say that our group consists of over 60 members who invest in a wide variety of companies from Agri-Tech and Med-Tech through to Food & Drink and Manufacturing. The group have diverse interests and backgrounds, but something which they all have in common is their entrepreneurial approach to investing and their passion for businesses.

We offer prospective Angels the chance to attend one of our live pitching events. To enquire about attending, or if you would like to discuss the possibilities of Angel Investing, please do contact us on the details below.

Investment in early-stage companies involves risks such as illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution. Investment in start-up companies are higher risk and should be considered as part of a diversified portfolio.

Sally Goodsell is Managing Director of Anglia Capital Group.  For more information:
T: 01603 673610 or visit:


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