Is it worth paying for professional photos?

By Warren Page, Pagepix

If you have a smartphone, then its camera means you can take a good quality photo. So, why should you spend out on hiring a professional photographer to do what you can do for free?

Published in Norfolk Director magazine, Spring | Summer 2022

Professional Photography: Pagepix

Well, the answer depends very much on the circumstances of course. Anyone can use their iPhone to take a quick headshot against a plain backdrop, that will go alongside an online blog.

However, ask yourself, would you want to use your smartphone to take photos of:

A Royal or Government Minister’s visit?

Would you know the protocols involved, and how to get the best shots when people are continually on the move and you’re up against it, with not a lot of time for posed photos? One thing’s for sure, you won’t be able to ask them to do it again, because you didn’t get what you wanted the first time around!

Products and corporate shots to use in your marketing?

Would you be confident enough to take product shots which were intended to be used in a large format on a banner or display? If you need photos taken at a conference or awards dinner, which has lots of guests attending, have you got the time to shoot pictures, as well as making sure that the event runs smoothly? And let’s not forget the PR. Are you capable of taking a photograph that is eye-catching enough to entice a magazine or newspaper to use it in print and online?

When you pay for a professional photographer, you’re getting all this for your money:

  • The consistency of results on every shoot; usually getting the right shots, first time
  • The use of the thousands of pounds worth of superior cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment, coupled with years of experience to get the best results
  • A selection of well exposed, sharply focused images as big files, which can then be used for almost everything
  • The vision to ‘see’ a photograph, to interpret your requirements and get the results that best fit your brief
  • For that all important PR shot that’s to go to the media. a professional photographer will be able to interpret and tell your story for you
  • For pictures of food or products, they will know the little tricks that will make the shots stand out, giving them a life of their own
  • Someone who can anticipate moments and movements. Professionals see different angles, backgrounds and interpret the most important thing of all: light
  • The communication skills to interact with people at all levels; to request, to cajole and persuade them into the best poses or positions, to make the images the best they can be
  • A picture editor: Someone who will make sure that you get only the best images – edited and cropped – so you don’t have to wade through the hundreds of photos to find them yourself

And. Above all, LOYALTY. When you regularly use the same photographer, you build a relationship based on trust, and an understanding of what you want, without having to explain. Personally, I have clients that go back decades, and I will go the extra mile for these people to repay their faith in me.

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