Join Blossom Charity’s Race Across Suffolk 2024

Bang on cue, last night the BBC lit up our screens providing yet more travel temptations, with their wonderful ‘Race Across the World’. Well, if anyone thought, from the comfort of the sofa, “I would love to do that”, now is your chance

Blossom Charity in Eye are launching our 2024 Race Across Suffolk. OK, it might not be a
journey from Japan to Jakarta, but it will be epic, as for two days and one night 12 teams
of two will race across our great County of Suffolk.

Blossom Charity therefore invites anyone who loves Suffolk, wants a challenge and
loves a laugh to join us on the 2024 Race Across Suffolk.

On October Friday 18th and Saturday 19th Blossom Charity’s intrepid racers will spend
the two days visiting nine places in Suffolk, spending as little as possible, travelling as
fast as they can and using their brains and ingenuity to get from A to B. They will travel
the whole way around the county.

Just like the BBCs “Race Across the World”, our teams of two will have a limited budget,
need to use 5 different methods of transport, have no access to the internet or smart
phones, and will have to reach out to the locals to help them make their journey
happen. Just like for the BBCs travellers, it won’t be easy, it will be a challenge and it
should make the competitors very proud of their achievements.

Teams can either be “private” or “organisations”, (schools, businesses, societies, etc).
We ask private teams to raise £1000 per team and organisations £1500 per team.
Organisations that field a team will have the added bonus of being offered either a free
inhouse “team health” diagnostic review for their organisation or the actual participants
offered a personal StrengthsFinder and feedback exercise.

Last year’s race was a huge success and we raised around £9000. The teams loved it …

“It was actually the most amazing experience and would do it again in a heartbeat!”

“The kindness of almost everyone we met, the public, the volunteers and the other
teams. Absolutely heart warming.”

“Great fun, tested our brains and bodies and we met great people.”

“The excitement and unknown to where we were going, how we would get there and
who was going to get there first. Getting to the check points, meeting new people and of
course winning!!!.

“Life changing!”

The funds they raised really made a difference to local people’s lives as they were used
to support Blossom Charity’s vital work to help women and men going through personal
difficulties, challenges and hardships. The funds raise this year will help to run a variety
of programmes to help people live their best lives, focusing on topics such as improving
confidence, problem solving, developing communication skills as well as stress and
body management. They will help people to get a sense of purpose while learning new
skills. This is done through workshops, one to one coaching and makeover days.
Blossom Charity run year-long programmes which help achieve life transforming
change. Also, in partnership with cancer units in Ipswich, West Suffolk and James
Pagett hospitals Blossom Charity hold Makeover Days for women undergoing or
recovering from cancer treatment.

For coverage of this fun event, please look at the Blossom Charity Social Media

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