Juggling a career with family life

By Karen Morovic, Birkett Long

I knew from a very young age that I wanted a career in law, not least because my father, Frank, had trained as both a solicitor and a barrister.

Published in Essex Director Magazine Winter 2023|24

Legal: Karen Morovic, Birkett Long

His job was often discussed at home, and it was always really interesting to me. My dad is still working full-time today while my two brothers work in the industry, too.

I find my work as an employment law specialist very rewarding, especially the mix between employer and employee law, and between drafting and litigation. I also love working with people, and I like the fact that there is a balance between contentious and non-contentious cases. Employment law affects people’s lives, so it is hugely fulfilling.

I am also very passionate about the importance of family. When I became a mum for the first time, I decided to take a five-year career break. My husband’s work took us to Barcelona, and I really enjoyed our time living there. But when my eldest son was about to start school, we made the decision to return to England and be closer to family.

Going back to work

After moving back to the UK, I found a local job at a law firm in Colchester. It’s not easy to go back to work after a long break, so I began with a couple of days a week and gradually went full-time. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my mum’s childcare support.

The firm I worked for didn’t have an employment department when I first arrived, so I was given free rein. I eventually became a partner and was also responsible for human resources.

However, after 15 years there, I was ready for a fresh challenge when a job opportunity arose with Birkett Long. They are the go-to firm for employment law, with a renowned department.

Changing jobs

When I had my initial interview with the department head, Julie Temple, I felt a real connection. On the follow-up, I loved the whole ethos of the firm, especially the flexibility with regard to hybrid working and the all-round well-being of staff.

It was a big decision to make after 15 years – especially as my dad and brother both work at my old firm! But I felt ready, and it just made sense for me.

There’s a really nice induction process here at Birkett Long, which meant that changing jobs wasn’t as strange as I thought it might be. I even wondered if my colleagues had taken positivity training because they’re all so happy!

I was very keen that my new role wouldn’t affect my work-life balance, especially as my son was doing his GCSEs when I started here. But the level of trust at Birkett Long is great and there’s huge flexibility – for example, I work three days a week at home and two in the office.

I also really love being part of a team. The law isn’t always clear-cut, so it’s great to have other people to bounce ideas off.

It’s wonderful making a living doing something you enjoy, while having a good balance between work and home. 

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Karen Morovic is a Senior Associate Solicitor at Birkett Long.

T: 01206 217374
E: karen.morovic@birkettlong.co.uk
Or visit www.birkettlong.co.uk                  

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