COVID-19 Business Case Study 
As the founder and owner of an aesthetics clinic based in Ipswich, Juliette John’s business has been hit harder than most by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Summer/Autumn 2020

COVID-19 Case Study: Aesthetic, Skin, Laser and Wellness Clinic

As Juliette explains: “We were already well established for providing treatments ranging from anti-ageing laser and body sculpting, to semi-permanent make-up and medical tattooing. And we were riding high on the launch of our bespoke spa six weeks prior to March 23rd. With great feedback and a diary filled to the brim, we were feeling very positive about the future. 


The Aesthetic Clinic had taken on two new staff members, and after a year of building and renovating, the plan for 2020 was to claw back some of the money spent on the Spa. 

A personal and professional impact

On a personal note, I was also under a lot of added stress. My dad, who plays a huge part in mine and my children’s lives, had been diagnosed with two aggressive cancer tumours. He had been undergoing a course of chemotherapy in January and February and was booked in for a seven-hour operation in March at Addenbrookes, which was then cancelled when we went into lockdown. 

So, at the beginning of all this I was in a tailspin. I wasn’t sure about what was happening with my father’s treatment. I had to close the clinic and I had no money reserves to fall back on. 

The first six weeks of lockdown were like a blurry bereavement to be totally honest. I am usually a positive, driven person, but I just can’t really explain the sense of loss I felt. 

I applied for all the financial support I could get. My dad then started radiotherapy at Ipswich hospital, and he seemed to be as positive and happy as he always is. So, I threw myself and the team into attending online courses and webinars from all over the world. And just to keep the awareness going, I took to selling products online where I could deliver. 

Picking up on a shift in the industry

From this, I picked up on a shift in my industry to take more of what we do online. So, I have been working hard carrying out online consultations and organising treatment plans. I have also introduced skin health supplements and given advice on skincare prescriptions, where the client then clicks a link and is able to purchase online. 

With a view to the future, I have been open minded. I am looking at pivots and other options for the business. I have been working on our offering of packages, memberships, and referral schemes. There is also an ecommerce shop on its way. 

An opportunity to take better care of yourself

When it comes to the Bespoke Spa, which we like to keep exclusive to eight to twelve people at any one time, it has a very exciting future. Along with the social groups of friends and family having spa days, we will be offering learning days in a variety of subjects, such as yoga, holistic therapies, weight loss and nutrition, as well as entrepreneurship and confidence building. We also intend to actively promote the hire of the Spa to those looking for a venue for their corporate meetings and get-togethers that has a more private feel. Our little bespoke spa will be taken to a different level and the opportunities are endless!”


Juliette John is Founder and Owner of Juliette John Aesthetics and Wellness Spa E: info@juliette-john.com T: 01473 222145 or visit juliette-john.comFacebook: JulietteJohnLtd

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