With Covid-19 impacting every aspect of our lives, we wanted to bring you some useful links to articles and information that may help.

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Finding and Delivering the Pathway Through Covid-19

By Elizabeth Pearce, EJ Pearce

“You have to be fast on your feet and adaptive or else strategy is useless”
(Charles de Gaulle)

All too often we set up plans that for a number of reasons fall by the wayside over time – we are all too familiar with the list of tasks to do as we head to our place of work in the morning , only to find that the day takes over and the list forgotten. This leaves us personally dissatisfied and the business no further forward.

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Keeping Confident through Difficult Times

By Kevin Ward, Conatus Financing Solutions

It’s difficult when times are tough and the Covid-19 crisis has brought a lot of uncertainty to businesses. Our natural reaction in difficult times is to plough on and assume everything will be okay but the pandemic is unprecedented in affecting everyone and has left many people considering their options for moving forward.

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Construction, 2018

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The Changing Face of PR in a Crisis…

…and not just any old crisis!

By Rachael Jackson MCIPR, travel PR and crisis communications specialist

In these turbulent and seemingly apocalyptic times, when nothing is normal and life has been turned on its head, there has never been a greater need to be ‘human’. Valuing life, loving laughter, being kind: in how we interact with each other, whether via a screen, through the newfound wonders of Zoom and Houseparty, over the ‘phone or through a window…at a safe two-metre distance, of course!

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Suffolk Freight forwarders keep things Moving

According to the British International Freight Association (BIFA), the crisis caused by Covid-19 is delivering greater understanding of the key role of freight forwarders to the authorities and the wider audience that rely on the commodities being delivered through international supply chains.

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Furlough: The new F word

By James Potter, Managing Director, Superstructures

Only a month ago, if you had asked anyone what furlough meant, the response would probably have been a blank and quizzical look. Not so today, furlough has now become the new F word, or for some, the dreaded F word!

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Free Online Support for Construction Workers

As a result of a new collaboration between UK’s Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity and leading construction software firm Construction Industry Solutions (COINS), and with an aim to help offer support and wellbeing during these worrying times, a series of free online lunchtime ‘Wellbeing workshops’ have been announced for people working, in any capacity, in construction.

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Money Skills for Kids while School is Out

Whether it is saving or spending, learning to budget or opening a bank account, money is part and parcel of everyday life and managing money is an essential life skill.

Suffolk businesswoman, Helen Driver, is passionate that the next generation is ready to face their financial futures with confidence and has created a brand-new online platform to help.

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Working from Home: The New Normal

It is becoming very quickly apparent that we are all now communicating more and often with people we have inadvertently taken for granted: some colleagues, some customers even, certainly family members and old friends. This essential and enforced distance is bringing us together.

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