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Covid-19 Has Changed the Way We Work Forever 1

Covid-19 Has Changed the Way We Work Forever

by Robert Kemp, MD, Chicane Connect, a Suffolk based communications provider.

The rise in remote working and flexible working will remain long after the pandemic has gone. And so it should. We’re not a nation of babies that need constant mothering. We’re a nation of adults, entrepreneurs and knowledgeable experts.
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution 5

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

By Anthony Pryke, Barclays Eagle Labs

Published in Norfolk Director business magazine 2019

For some years now academics, industry leaders and think tanks have been using the term the Fourth Industrial Revolution or ‘Industry 4.0/4IR’ to talk about the all-encompassing cyber-physical future of technology, business and society. But what is it and why is it on the radar of so many businesses, leaders and thinkers?
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