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Embracing our Ageing Workforce 1

Embracing our Ageing Workforce

By James Kidd, Partner, Mills & Reeve LLP

Published in Norfolk Director business magazine 2019

The UK population is getting older and more people are choosing to work longer, but how should businesses be adapting to this changing demographic?
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Managing Employee Conflict 5

Managing Employee Conflict

Without getting yourself into hot water.

Published in Suffolk Director & Norfolk Director business magazines 2019

At some point, anyone who is responsible for managing people will be faced with that challenging employee. You know the one who is difficult to deal with, has trouble working with colleagues, or fails to hit their KPIs and deliver.
It’s important to nip any problems in the bud sooner rather than later. Assuming (or hoping!) that poor performance or behaviour will improve in time or disappear on its own is dangerous, as it can often begin to impact on the performance, morale and attitude of the wider team if left unchallenged.
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