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Big C: In Good Company

Norfolk businesses support local people affected by cancer. <br><br> Published in Norfolk Director business magazine 2019 <br><br> Norfolk and Waveney’s cancer charity, Big C, is launching an innovative new corporate partnership programme ‘In Good Company’, which aims to work together with Norfolk’s businesses to provide multi-level support for those in the community affected by cancer.
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Embracing our Ageing Workforce

By James Kidd, Partner, Mills & Reeve LLP <br><br> Published in Norfolk Director business magazine 2019 <br><br> The UK population is getting older and more people are choosing to work longer, but how should businesses be adapting to this changing demographic?
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Identifying Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace

Start the Conversation <br><br> Published in Suffolk Director & Norfolk Director business magazines 2019 <br><br> The causes of stress and anxiety can be very complex. They can start at home or at work, with either being the trigger for the problem. More than ever, companies have a responsibility to act and support employees to prevent situations getting worse.
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Supporting Employee’s Mental Health and Wellbeing: What We’ve Learned

By Ben Goode, Director, LSI Architects <br> Over the past four years, LSI Architects has prioritised mental health and placed greater emphasis on the concept of wellbeing in the workplace. <br> The Practice has recently been reaccredited ‘Gold’ in Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index, achieving second place overall from 103 organisations to take part in the Index, and first in the staff feedback section of the survey.
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Wild Play

Time to relax, play, explore, discover, reflect <br><br> Published in Suffolk Director business magazine 2019 <br><br> Based in the Suffolk countryside, Wild Play Ltd is a unique outdoor learning and forest school company, that encourages people of ALL ages to absorb the health and wellness benefits of being in the great outdoors.
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