Coronavirus: Let’s Look at the Positives…

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There is much of this situation which is way out of our control, and we have to trust governments to make the correct decisions in the best interest of public health; decisions which we cannot really impact (other than to follow) and therefore can’t waste energy worrying about.

That said, there are plenty of things still within our full control… So rather than focusing on the negative, let’s try and look at the positives and the unique opportunities this situation brings all of us.

I would like to share with you 10 things that could help you benefit from this situation.

1. Working from Home

What a unique opportunity to show your bosses how much more work you can get done at home and therefore strengthen your argument for more flexible working hours and more time to work from home when things get back to normal.

2. Sleep 

We love telling the world how little sleep we get, well with more time at home, less sport on TV, along with the positive impact sleep will have on your immune system what a unique opportunity to get to bed on time and give yourself at least the chance to sleep eight hours.

3. Come together as a community

It is plain to see the negative impact the loss of community is having on society, what a unique opportunity to come together to support one another through difficult times, even though it needs to be done online.

4. Reconnect with your families 

We live in such a fast paced world where we simply don’t get enough time with our loved ones, what a unique opportunity to spend time with one another, make that call to a distant relative you have been meaning to call, play with your kids, and tell your parents you love them.

5. Forget body composition as a goal 

Finally understand that your health status is not about your body composition (although obesity will have a negative impact), your six pack abs, or #BootGains. What a unique opportunity to get off the ridiculous diets and fads, and ignore the rubbish information designed to make you feel bad about yourself.

6. Strengthen your immune system

True health resides in the strength of your immune system, what a unique opportunity to recognise the importance of it on your health and focus on how to improve it. The people with the strongest immune systems will be the least affected by this pandemic.

7. Get those jobs done

With more time at home what a unique opportunity to finally get all the odd jobs done that have been on your mind and you keep saying if only I had the time.

8. Develop yourself

Rather than wasting away the hours sedating and scrolling on your phones, watching mindless TV, What a unique opportunity to study, to read, to learn something you would love to a learn, or pick up something you forgot about.

9. Rest and Recover

The one thing we never have time to do but have more need for now than ever before. What a unique opportunity to finally get some R&R to allow our bodies and our minds to rest.

10. Plan and execute

Is your life really heading where you want it to? Times like this should allow us to pause and reflect to ask if we are really fulfilling our life’s purpose or merely existing. What a unique opportunity to decide on a better future for ourselves and put in place a plan to help us achieve that.

Stay Safe, Be Inspired

Ben Gray is a personal fitness coach and the Founder and Owner of Suffolk Strength Academy.

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