Delegate to put a spring back in your step

Feel organised, gain more time
By Jane Cattermole, Bay Tree VA

Published in Suffolk Director business magazine 2019

I am often asked “what could a virtual assistant actually do for me?” The answer is that the opportunities are endless!
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Delegate to put a spring back in your step

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If you picture your To Do List, that’s what we can tackle for you. 

The ‘day in the life’ of a Bay Tree VA is never dull and no two days are ever the same; that’s one of the reasons we love what we do. Also, we don’t just work remotely, but will work on-site and accompany clients to meetings and events. This expands what we can get involved with and adds real value to our clients. 

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been asked to do:

•  Organise a roadshow of medical consultation events, sourcing venues and co-ordinating attendee invitations.

•  Take formal notes during a staff grievance hearing.

•  Arrange tickets for the Queen’s Club Tennis Championships.

•  Co-ordinate a sales visit to the USA; scheduling meetings, making hotel and travel bookings.

•  Source a film maker and project manage a new website. 

•  Secure limited edition passes for Burleigh Horse Trials.

•  Have 7am updates with an ‘early bird’ client, so he can delegate tasks and feel organised for the day ahead.

•  Research and arrange travel and accommodation for a family holiday.

All Bay Tree VAs have organising and co-ordinating genes, that’s why they are in the team! What could we do to make your life easier?

Jane Cattermole is Founder and Managing Director of Bay Tree VA T: 01284 828974 or visit

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