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Calls to the UK’s ‘Construction Industry Helpline’ have increased 25% over the past 10 days which reflect the rising levels of anxiety and insecurity within the construction industry.

From mindfulness and meditation to resilience and controlling stress anyone can take part in these bite-sized online workshop sessions as long as they have access to an email address and access to the internet, whether via smartphone, tablet or laptop. For full details visit

Sessions, which last for 45 minutes, will run weekly starting from Thursday 16 April – each starting at 12 noon:
Thurs 16 April / Top Tips for Resilience more
Fri 24 April / Build a Work Life Balance more
Mon 27 April / How to Meditate more
Tues 5 May / How to Handle Stress more
Wed 13 May / Mindfulness for You more

Bill Hill, CEO of The Lighthouse Club charity comments:
“Our charity exists to support the welfare and wellbeing of all construction workers and their families in the UK and Ireland. COINS are a technology provider with a big heart and a huge social conscience. We are delighted to be collaborating with them to deliver this series of free wellbeing life skill workshops to help everyone in our industry cope and navigate through these distressing times.”

Although the construction industry is rising to the challenge of creating a healthier workplace, finding the right support is not always easy and is currently more important than ever before.

Another vital source of information, advice and guidance is The Lighthouse Club’s ‘Construction Industry Helpline’ (Tel 0345 505 1956 or mobile app for Android and iOS) which helps people experiencing stress, anxiety or depression as well as providing access to other areas of support such as anger management, drug and alcohol dependency, debt management, legal advice, and emergency financial aid.

COINS, with over 35 years of developing software solutions for construction companies, is also passionate about giving something back to the industry. Its CEO, Robert Brown, adds:
“The Lighthouse Club has been providing immensely valuable services to support construction workers and their families for many years. We are delighted once again to have the opportunity to collaborate with them in the delivery of a series of invaluable webinars which will provide construction workers with vital health and wellbeing skills during these most difficult and challenging times.”

For full details visit

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