…Sue Wilcock, SAW Media


Listen to Sue's story of how and why she made the move from running a marketing and PR business, to taking over as owner and editor of Suffolk and Norfolk Director magazines.
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…Sue Wilcock, SAW Media

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...Sue Wilcock, SAW Media 1

Click here to listen to a very engaging conversation with a highly experienced business woman who knows exactly what’s needed to deliver a successful product to the market.

Joining Matt Sykes on the Salescadence Podcast is Sue Wilcock, owner, editor and publisher of Norfolk Director and Suffolk Director magazines.

A professional marketeer who has decided to produce a publication specifically for ‘C-Suite’ and one, which by design, provides content that helps businesses solve problems.

Here’s just a few of the topics she discusses with Matt :

• Why, when most of us get our information on-line these days, is there a space to position a ‘hard copy’ magazine that arrives in the post and one which the readers truly enjoy reading.

• The challenges that come with building a brand from scratch and the mindset that’s needed to maintain the discipline and focus to keep moving forward.

• The importance of, and the benefit that comes with, when you truly know who your ideal customer is.

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