Milsom Hotels & Restaurants is delighted to announce that Paul Milsom has been made Life President of Pride of Britain Hotels, a collection of Britain’s finest, independently-owned hotels.
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The honour has been given in recognition of Paul’s unique contribution to Pride of Britain over many years. It was Paul’s late father, Gerald Milsom, OBE, who founded Pride of Britain Hotels back in 1982.  He believed that there was need for a UK-specific hotel marketing collection and Maison Talbooth in Dedham is proud to be the founder member of the consortium which celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2022.

Gerald Milsom remained Life President until his death in 2005, when the title passed to George Goring, OBE, from The Goring. With the recent loss of George Goring, it seemed an obvious choice to make Paul Milsom the new Life President. Paul served as Chairman of Pride of Britain Hotels from 2003-2006 and has acted as a mentor for member hoteliers over many years, generously and eagerly sharing his wisdom and hospitality experience with others.

Says Pride of Britain’s Chief Executive, Kalindi Juneja: “I am absolutely delighted that Paul Milsom is Pride of Britain Hotels’ new Life President. His enduring commitment to the organisation and to UK hospitality is highly appreciated. Paul is a hotelier I deeply admire; his business acumen and industry knowledge have been invaluable to me as I stepped into the role of Chief executive last year. He is always available to help the team or any member hotelier; we are very lucky to have him.”

Paul Milsom, Chairman & Managing Director of Milsom Hotels comments, “It is an honour to follow in my father’s footsteps as Pride of Britain Hotels’ Life President. I have always believed in the power of Pride of Britain Hotels consortium and the support it provides to UK hotels. We are embarking on a new chapter for the brand and I look forward to my many more years of service.”

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