Looking at achievements during COVID-19

By Phil Budd, Business Growth
Coaching can be perceived as fluffy and non-substantial, but in a year that has brought challenges of all shapes and sizes, many businesses are seeing it as far from that.

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine, Spring 2021

Business Growth: ActionCOACH

In 2020, as well as coaching large SME’s – with a turnover of £1m plus, I launched the Business Growth Programme (BGP) and reached out to the smaller businesses that underpin our neighbourhoods and are the backbone of everyday life.  

Whether operating a business with a small team, or single operator led, growth and breaking through to the next level can be challenging. Throw COVID-19 into the mix and it becomes even more difficult.

BGP is a business education group coaching programme designed to arm owners with the tools they need to ensure growth and success, whilst providing the opportunity to network with peers. It is aimed at businesses with a turnover of less than £250,000, employing less than 10 people. The topics covered include time, finances, marketing, sales, business planning, team and systems.

Business Growth Programme delivering impressive results

Results for those involved were impressive; lead generation up 356%, and new customers won up 274% (4,435 new customers between them). On a financial level, participants enjoyed a 44% increase in profit and a 58% uplift in turnover. Three jobs were also created.

One of the many local success stories is hand-drawn greeting card company, Bewilderbeest. Its owners Iain and Maddy attribute much of their success to their participation in the BGP.

“Going into lockdown Phil taught us to look at our business objectively and focus on what we could actually control and how we could adapt. We took our offering online and now have a busy ecommerce site and a successful shop on Etsy.”

Sean Coyne, owner of Apeiron UK Lawn Care, gave a great overview of the programme and summed up my role as the Coach.

“Phil acts as a great disrupter. You can be going along in business, thinking you are doing a great job, and along comes Phil who challenges you on why and what you are doing. His ability to hold you to account, delivers you results.”

Adapting to economic changes

This year has been about working with clients to help them adapt to the changing landscape. Revenue streams for many have become limited, especially for retail and hospitality where some have dried up completely, and the ability to pivot and change has been key to survival. Whilst many businesses have reacted by freezing their operations and curbing their spending, my model of coaching is based on creating a measurable return on investment for clients.

Alongside the BGP, I work with larger businesses on a 1-2-1 basis to help them take their business to the next level, often getting it to a point where they can earn a passive income, or the business is a saleable asset.

There are 10 spaces available on the next Business Growth Programme which starts shortly. To find out more or come along to the FREE taster session visit businessgrowth.philipbudd.co.uk or if you are a larger business wanting to explore 1-2-1 coaching and would like a FREE strategy session, please email philipbudd@actioncoach.com or call 07585784183  
To hear the full story from Iain at Bewilderbeest click here and Sean at Apeiron UK Lawn Care click here.

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