Making the most of your accountant

By Shelley Minns, Ensors

Accountants play a valuable role in the success of a business by providing financial expertise and guidance.

Published in Essex Director Magazine Winter 2023|24

Accountancy: Shelley Minns, Ensors

This goes far beyond the traditional compliance services that accountants are known for and can involve supplying businesses with training, forward planning and beyond.

Many business owners are unaware of the additional services that accountants can offer and how these can contribute to future growth and success.

Knowledge is power

One of the key ways accountants can support businesses is through financial education.

By providing business owners with an understanding of key financial concepts, it can empower them to make informed financial decisions about the direction of their business.

Enlisting an accountant to prepare cashflow reports, budgets and management accounts will also greaten an owner’s understanding of how their business is performing in order to progress and grow through making informed decisions.

Improving the bottom line

Accountants are skilled at analysing financial data to pinpoint areas of improvement.

By looking in detail at each area of your financial reports and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), an accountant can help you identify unnecessary expenses, streamline operations, and improve profitability.

They can also offer insights into pricing strategies and efficient resource allocation, ultimately contributing to the overall financial health of a business.

Playing the numbers game

The most successful business decisions are aided by quality and timely financial data.

If a business doesn’t have an adequate framework in place to produce up-to-date financial data, then the required reports may be inaccurate.

If revenue projects are not progressing as planned or costs are spiralling, the lack of correct data could result in business owners not having the opportunity to review the situation and make necessary amendments to prevent financial or reputational damage. 

A review of your accounting processes, including any digital accounting software or offering training and support to your accounting staff, can bring about operational efficiencies and relieve unnecessary stress.


With current financial challenges, such as the increased running costs of a business, accountants can play a vital role in forecasting a business’s financial future and managing risks.

By analysing historical data and working with operational management, accountants can develop detailed financial forecasts to enable businesses to predict potential challenges, plan for contingencies, and make informed decisions to mitigate risks.

By offering advisory services and working closely with business owners, accountants can contribute significantly to a business’s growth and success.

Utilising an accountant’s expertise enables owners to make informed financial decisions about their business to counteract risks and achieve long-term financial stability.              

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