Never an easier time to recruit? Or is it?

By Beverley Gedge, Skybridge Recruitment Solutions
If the current jobs narrative is to be believed, there is a massive workforce out there all desperately looking to get back into work following the direct impact of the pandemic.

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine Autumn 2021
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If that is the case, then your recruitment will be a doddle, won’t it?

However, in reality things are rarely that straightforward.

What I have seen in the job market is that certain sectors have boomed, recruited heavily and created a real shortage of top talent. Added to this, has been the reluctance of some of the best candidates to leave their current ‘secure’ roles because of the uncertainty about the economy over the coming months.

The other thing to note, is that as businesses have evolved under new trading conditions, so has the type of skills and candidates they are looking for. No longer is it a case of banging out old job descriptions and ads; now it is a time of understanding exactly what and whom you are looking for.

But do you have time to invest in recruitment?

Putting aside those issues already mentioned above, for many currently trading, the biggest challenge is a lack of time, and how managing your own recruitment can take up a lot more of it.

With job profiles and job ads, the more energy and careful thought put into them, the better the chance of attracting the high-achieving candidates your business deserves.    

Time after time, we fall into the trap of writing lengthy, long winded content that puts off even the most qualified candidates.  Making a bad hire choice because of failing to attract the right individual for the job, can be costly. And all before even thinking about shortlisting candidates, (over 70% of candidates are applying for roles they are not qualified for), going through the interview process, final candidate selection, offer and appointment stages.

Some of the strongest candidates do not apply for jobs online

Of course, some of the best people to support and grow your business will be currently employed elsewhere and may not be thinking of making a move. Do you have the time to identify who these people are and then try and attract them to your business?

Is there an easier way? Do you need a guide?

We know recruitment partners are often seen as an additional cost, but the reality is, we use our expertise to make the recruitment process effective and painless… in short, we help to find you the best candidate for your role, first time.

As an experienced recruiter and coach, I know what it takes to run a business and have been guiding organisations for 20+ years on their people and recruitment strategy.

Working closely with my clients at every stage of the process, from helping them shape and interpret their initial recruitment brief, to attracting and recruiting the very best people, is an approach that has delivered great results.

Photo of Beverley taken by Alison McKenny

Beverley Gedge is Director at Skybridge Recruitment Solutions which focuses on permanent and interim assignments across senior and middle management roles, as well as handling difficult to fill and first line management recruitment across all operational and commercial functions.

T: 07799 664026
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