New tech collaboration for Bay Tree VA

By Jane Cattermole, Bay Tree VA
The team at Bay Tree VA is used to introducing cloud-based software to clients and one growing business area is supporting membership associations, often run by over-stretched volunteer directors.
Published in Norfolk Director Magazine Winter 2023

Outsourcing Professionals: Bay Tree VA

Having been impressed with the specialist management software that several of our membership clients use, we have partnered with the international company, JustGo. 

With JustGo providing the software and Bay Tree VAs undertaking the administration, more clients in this sector will improve the experience for their members. Despite the streamlining, there is still a significant amount of task-based work to be done, such as responding to enquiries, producing newsletters, updating websites etc., and this is where the personal interaction complements the tech.


JustGo efficiencies reduce the time needed for day-to-day operations, so organisations can economically reduce or increase administration hours to suit activity.

Owain Fitzsimmons, Head of Marketing at JustGo, says: “We enjoy working with Bay Tree VA and can see the value they bring to our mutual customers. Every organisation needs an element of bespoke support. The Bay Tree team is a reliable resource and can also be valuable as support to get our system embedded into an organisation and help maximise the benefits. We see this partnership as one of significant value to our customers.”

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Jane Cattermole, Founder and MD of Bay Tree VA
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