Fairfax & Favor have opened a new warehouse in Snetterton in Norfolk. This warehouse will replace the existing warehouse at Fairfax & Favor’s head office in Narford, which was originally in a grade 1 listed stables, will increase storage space from 9000 sqft to 62000sqft at their new site.
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Due to the brands unprecedented growth in the last 2 years, the decision that more space was needed to meet the demands of their growing customer base was made. The new warehouse has led to the recruitment 20 new employees being added into the growing Fairfax & Favor team. This growth can be seen already as Fairfax & Favor have quadrupled in size in the past 2 years and are aiming for 30% growth this year, highlighting the huge success and growing popularity of the brand. This can be emphasized through sales, which have increased from, 56,000 orders from May 2019-2020 to 187,000 orders May 2021-2022.

The decision has helped tackle problems that have arisen when trying to recruit new members of staff, especially with minimal transport links to the area. Logistically, country lanes are not practical for 40ft lorries – especially with the increase in shipments and deliveries the brand has seen recently. The new warehouse will also see more space and unloading facilities with multiple areas to use forklift trucks.

The new space has increased capacity to 230,000 individual items compared to 96,000 items in the previous unit and can store can store 200,000 boxes of Fairfax & Favor’s bestselling Regina boots!

Rob Cooper Head of Operations at Fairfax & Favor says “We are very excited for the move to the Snetterton Warehouse, Fairfax & Favor are pushing to grow the business every year and we wanted a site with great facilitates and be a great place for our team to work in for the future. Narford very much remains the heart of the business and will continue to be HQ for the rest of the company.”

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