New web service giving access to over 750 Southern North Sea energy companies

The Southern North Sea Energy Alliance (SNSEA), a world-leading energy hub bringing together UK and Dutch partners, has launched its simple yet highly effective web service, which acts as a ‘one-stop shop’ to companies within the supply chain.
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It was announced at the 8th annual Offshore Wind Connections 2021 event on 22nd March that a brand-new web service, giving members access to over 750 Southern North Sea energy-related companies, has been launched.

The service aims to streamline collaboration and provide unparalleled access to over 750 member organisations belonging to the 4 UK and Dutch partners: East of England Energy Group (EEEGR), Amsterdam Ijmuiden Offshore Ports, Team Humber Marine Alliance, and North Sea Energy Gateway.

Both Ambassador Karel van Oosterom and Ambassador Joanna Roper offered their support towards the initiative and applauded the service with personal messages for the event.

With a wealth of opportunities on the horizon alongside the sheer scale of construction and O&M requirements, collaboration will be a key factor in the energy transition whilst maintaining the competitiveness for the market. The new SNSEA webpage brings all these organisations together under one umbrella, facilitating once place for any company wishing to work in the Southern North Sea to network internationally, opening up new markets for global trade.

EEEGR CEO, Simon Gray, said: “By working collaboratively, we could repurpose the existing onshore gas grids alongside building a huge ‘super grid’ in the Southern North Sea, allowing us to move energy around from where it is generated on any given day to wherever it is needed.”

“Further to this, as global leaders in offshore wind the SNS has potential to generate green hydrogen from renewable sources and offshore wind in particular, creating massive potential for both the UK and the Netherlands.”

“By joining forces, our networks can reinforce each other,” Slyvia Boer, Director of Amsterdam Ijmuiden Offshore Ports echoed. “The energy transition is a huge challenge, and in order to come up with new ideas and solutions we need to innovate and hence, collaborate in the field of offshore wind, hydrogen, reuse and repurposing of existing assets and CCUS.”

“Together, we have a wider pool of talent, ideas and solutions, together we can contribute to accelerating the energy transition for a sustainable future for the Southern North Sea region,” she continued.

Since it was signed in 2018, the SNSEA has demonstrated a desire to cooperate and best practice alongside driving down costs whilst still optimising supply chain health and vitality. The alliance provides industry with direct access to the supply chain, including skills and training providers, ports and logistics, marine science and engineering businesses and facilities.

The SNSEA recognises that the energy transition is going to place huge stresses on the industry – but also present great opportunities. With larger and larger turbines, hydrogen, carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS), operation and management (O&M), reuse repurposing and decommissioning, the web service will be vital in tackling these challenges.

In a post-pandemic climate, SNSEA is committed to continuing to foster collaboration within the industry during a time when being ambitious about renewable energy is vital.

UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, mentioned in his 10-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution that the UK was the first economy to embrace a legal obligation to achieve net zero by 2050, and with offshore wind and hydrogen the first of the 10 points in this plan reiterates the importance of the sectors for the UK and the Netherlands.

Image credit: Southern North Sea Energy Alliance (SNSEA)

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