Orbital scoops award for healthcare innovation

Orbital Research, a division of Stowmarket based Orbital Global, is celebrating after winning the OTC Toolbox Consumer Healthcare Industry (Chi) Award for Regulatory Achievement of the year.
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Following unanimous agreement among the judges, Orbital Research took home the OTC Toolbox Consumer Healthcare Industry (CHi) Award for Regulatory Achievement of the Year, for its development of digitally sourced Real World Evidence (RWE). 

Historically, healthcare brands have relied upon costly and time-consuming Randomised Clinical Trials (RCTs) to support a product’s licensed claims. Thanks to Orbital Research’s pioneering digital Real World Evidence (RWE) service, healthcare product claims can now be secured for a tiny fraction of the cost and time. 

The innovation could have significant implications for improving other aspects of healthcare, including the reduction of medicine misuse and the development of new uses for existing healthcare products.

The award was assessed by five judges who described it as: 

‘A truly innovative initiative’ which offers “potential for the entire consumer healthcare industry to revitalise brands with claims that are evidence-based and meaningful for consumers’.

‘A game changer, providing cost savings and increased speed to market.’

Digitally-sourced RWE outlines a new approach with potentially wide application for faster, cheaper, more efficient development and validation of claims which could be of significant value to the self-care industry.’   

Peter Brady, chief executive at Orbital Research comments: ‘We are extremely proud to have pioneered a ground-breaking digital system to collect Real World Evidence. We predict this will have a huge impact on the healthcare industry, creating up to £5 billion pounds of value, thanks to new product claims and saved clinical trial costs.’ 

Orbital Research is currently the only operator in the marketplace, offering this unique service. The methodology has been supported by key industry regulatory bodies including the ABPI[1], PAGB,[2] and MHRA[3]

Pictured in the photograph are (L-R): Vincent Bartkowiak of IQVIA Consumer Health, Hayden Allen-Vercoe, COO of Orbital Global, and Deborah Wilkes of OTC Toolbox

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