Paddy & Scott’s welcomes new investor and strategic advisor

Suffolk independent coffee company, Paddy & Scott’s, has announced that Simon Rees will be joining the business as a new investor and strategic advisor.

Simon joining the team will help the brand in its quest to fund one million free school meals in coffee-growing regions.

A coffee-loving father of two, Simon and his teacher wife reside in Suffolk. His keen interest in the economy and financial markets was sparked during his university days, earning him a degree in Economics.

After graduating, Simon naturally stepped into the financial services sector. His first role was analytical, but he soon found his way back to Suffolk, spurred by his wife’s teacher training journey. 

In 2011, Simon embarked on his financial planning career with Gibbs Denley at their Cambridge office. By 2012, he had moved to the Bury St Edmunds office, where he headed up the financial planning team. Under his leadership, Gibbs Denley flourished, gaining a stellar reputation for exceptional service, high standards, and world-class financial and legal advice. This success culminated in the business’s acquisition by Progeny as part of their global expansion, now boasting over £7.5bn in assets under management. Simon continues his career as Group Managing Director and Chartered Financial Planner for Gibbs Denley Financial Services Ltd. 

Throughout his career, Simon has earned considerable acclaim. In 2016, he was celebrated as one of the top 35 young advisers by New Model Adviser Magazine’s Rising Stars, a testament to his influence and dedication in the financial services industry.

Welcoming Simon Rees to Paddy & Scott’s, CEO Jon Reed, says, “It’s a proud moment to attract someone of Simon’s calibre to our world. His expertise and experience mark a real step change, something we’ve sought for many years. This addition represents a huge leap forward for us.”

Adds Jon, “Simon is a proud Suffolk local with strong family values. As we set our course to build a business with real purpose, Simon will be instrumental in our ambition to fund one million school meals in coffee-growing regions.”

Simon Rees adds comments, “Paddy & Scott’s is among Suffolk’s finest businesses, truly pushing boundaries and achieving a positive impact worldwide. Having met Jon and Zoe and witnessed their masterful execution of the MBO, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get involved.”

Paddy & Scott’s is not just another coffee company,  it understands that a simple cup of coffee can make a tangible difference by empowering communities worldwide. By paying fair prices for their beans, they ensure that the farmers they partner with are rewarded for their hard work, helping them break free from exploitative supply chains. 

Photo: Left to Right Zoe Hill, Simon Rees and Jon Reed.

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