Pandemic leads to upward trend in home improvements

By David Clarke, IDSystems

Even though it is not by choice, the past year has seen many Brits spend more time at home than ever before.

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine, Summer 2021

Reinventing Glazing: IDSystems

Already a nation of home improvers, the varying stages of lockdown have seen people turn to numerous DIY projects, that range from applying a couple of coats of paint all the way up to a complete home renovation; there are even some who have turned their dreams into reality and started their very own self-build home.

With holidays, weekends away and meals out with friends cancelled for most of the last 15 months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems increasingly like homeowners have sought to invest their disposable income in home improvement projects instead.

Pandemic leads to upward trend in home improvements 1

Homeowners re-evaluating their priorities

From the very early stages of the first lockdown in March 2020, what we saw at ID Systems was a real demand from people looking to make quite drastic changes to their homes, whether it was to create a home office in the garden, or to transform and extend the living spaces.

It is also clear that families have re-evaluated their priorities in what they look for in a home. The strength of the property market comes from a demand for houses with gardens that are situated in less urban areas. Yet, for those that are choosing to improve rather than move, the priorities appear to have been for larger projects rather than simply changing the décor of rooms.

For those renovating or extending their homes, one of the key aspirations appears to have been a desire to embrace the outdoors. Those fortunate enough to have a garden have sought to breakdown the boundaries between inside and out, extending their living space outdoors.

Pandemic leads to upward trend in home improvements 5

Surge in demand for large glazed doors

This has led to a significant surge in demand for large, glazed doors such as IDSystems’ award-winning bifold doors and sliding doors. Bifold doors benefit from the ability to be opened up to seamlessly connect a house and garden, whilst the narrow frames and large panes of glass-in sliding doors provide almost completely uninterrupted views out; whilst letting lots of light in, whether they are open or shut.

Even with showrooms closed and exhibitions cancelled, we have supported customers looking for help and advice with their project by providing a range of innovative digital tools. An online virtual showroom was added to our website before the first lockdown started, whilst the use of video call technology has enabled our experts to continue to talk to customers ‘face-to-face’ even if it is done remotely.

The trend looks set to continue beyond the immediate impact of COVID-19. As a nation we have always been incredibly houseproud, and it seems certain that the enforced time we have spent at home over recent months will have left a lasting impression on how we view the spaces in which we live.

Pandemic leads to upward trend in home improvements 9David Clarke is Marketing Manager at IDSystems. For more information about IDSystems range of award-winning glazing solutions visit or call 01603 408804.


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