Passion is an output

By Chris Pont, IJYI

Passion is not an input; passion is an output. When people say that someone ‘brings passion to a project’, it means they believe in their work and how they can operate.

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Winter 2021|22

Software Development: IJYI

Passion means they’ve found a personal connection to what they do. They are willing to go above and beyond to ensure it’s delivered. However, too often that passion becomes translated to ‘will work extra hard / hours’.

When people find passion, they often believe in the mission the company has set out to achieve, the values the company embodies and the customers they serve. They feel they are contributing towards a cause which means they believe their work is fulfilling and is worth it – far more than just earning a salary!

Our mission at IJYI is ‘To change the perception of software and data delivery and help our clients unlock possibilities through awesome technology’. We want to make working with us exciting, after all, we’re developing new systems to help open opportunities and make working lives easier.

Alongside our mission, we embody the following values.

We have no hidden agendas

We believe you should have complete visibility of your project. If something is not going to plan, or if we can see a challenge coming, we will raise it. This ensures we work together to address any obstacles we face and determine a plan to fix them. Our method leads to developing better solutions and building a stronger partnership. Sometimes this approach takes our clients by surprise, but the result is that we have some of the tough conversations much sooner, and we deliver a successful project.

We inspire change

At IJYI, we don’t just embrace change and roll with the punches; we encourage it, asking ‘why not?’ rather than ‘why?’. We go looking for opportunities to change what we and our customers do for the better. When applying this approach to software delivery, you end up with a team, and a customer solely focused on business value. Don’t settle for a process just because it’s always been this way. If it’s not working, change it.

We master our trade

We ensure each project team has the skills and experience to meet the customers’ needs. As Microsoft Gold Partners in a range of competencies, we apply our industry-leading capabilities to develop, deploy and support solutions with repeatable, reliable and resilient processes. We love tech as much as the next software firm, but we understand tech for what it is. It’s a tool to allow our customers to achieve their business goals.

We love IJYI

The core value behind ‘IJYI Love’ is that everyone who works with, or for IJYI, should be a brand ambassador. Applying this to software delivery means doing an excellent job for our customers. Our work speaks for itself. By producing high-quality software in the time that we promise, for the price that we promise, our team is proud to work with each other and for our clients.

Although there are always challenges, we have passionate employees and customers by aligning our work with our mission and values. By working with a group of hard-working, passionate individuals, together we can create something fantastic.

Chris Pont is CEO at IJYI
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