People matter – the end

By Steve Leech, Granite Transformations, Colchester

Customer service is something many companies say they do well, and even profess to over-deliver on, but do they really?

Published in Essex Director Magazine Winter 2023|24
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This is something only customers can validate, which is why we are always so grateful for the lovely Trustpilot and Google reviews our customers leave. It also provides a perfect way to direct potential customers to find out more about us from neutral, unbiased platforms.

Our new approach

Taking this one step further, we are really grateful for the work we receive via recommendations. We fully appreciate that, from the moment of first contact, we need to live up to the promises the referrer has made; our name is on the line with every private or commercial project we undertake.

This is why we have introduced a new approach, providing every client with one point of contact who oversees a project from inception to completion. As delighted as we are by continuous growth, we are aware that we cannot drop any balls regarding customer service.

Having friendly staff who are committed to ensuring every customer feels they are being listened to throughout is crucial. We know from their feedback how important and reassuring it is for them to be able to speak to someone on the phone rather than having to rely on email.

While our commercial clients appreciate open communication, they also need to feel confident that they can leave us to get on with the work without constant phone calls and emails. Equally, they need to know that they can get hold of someone fast if required.

In today’s world with everything geared towards a ‘Go Digital or Go Home’ approach, we take the stance that what matters is people; automated systems and typed communication cannot compare with talking to a real person.

It allows us to pick up on any concerns a customer might have and do all we can to put their mind at ease, action anything needed, and leave every client feeling valued and respected. Honesty and integrity alongside this ‘handholding’ approach have almost certainly brought about the company growth and high customer count we continue to experience. 

Happiness all around

As well as trying to guide and support our customers at every turn, our philosophy that people matter extends to our staff as well as our customers. We are always only ever as good as our last job. Therefore, we need to be moving along an ongoing upward trajectory regarding the quality of our finished work as well as customer service.

Our workmanship has thankfully not been taken over by AI (yet) and we rely 100 per cent on our skilled, professional staff. Good employees are hard to get and hard to keep – if you don’t recognise their value and reward them accordingly, someone else will!

I am so grateful I have a brilliant team in place, and I never underestimate their worth. Good staff means happy customers, and happy customers lead to positive results and figures. Happy days!

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