Pointing people in the right direction

By Paige O’Connell, Compass Point Recruitment
“Back in 2015, I made an appointment with Compass Point Recruitment, in the bid to secure a new position. Coming from the social care sector, I was unsure which direction I wanted to take in my next role, but knew I wanted a change; never did I dream I would be leaving with a job offer to join the team here!

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Autumn 2021

Recruitment: Compass Point Recruitment

After joining the team, I soon discovered that it’s the job of a consultant to see the potential, or specific skill set a person has to offer, and steer them in the right direction of their next career move.

Compass Point Recruitment has been ‘pointing people in the right direction’ in their job search and hiring requirements since 1995. Our reputation has been strengthened by building lasting relationships with our clients and candidates. A relationship based on trust and our ability to make the best matches for their business, as well as working consultatively to deliver the right talent.

Benefit of using a recruitment consultant

Whether you are a business looking to recruit, or a candidate looking for a new role, it can be a massive benefit engaging a recruitment consultant. We often act as an advisor, and generally are best placed to see the market from both perspectives, helping you position yourself appropriately. We are always on hand, recommending the best way to market your business to attract the right talent, as well as offering advice on training courses and qualifications and helping you to develop as a professional in your field.

As a business, not only do we support the experienced candidates who are further on in their career journey, we also invest heavily in graduates and early careers. Being fresh out of university with a degree and not being sure how to use it can be daunting for anyone, so we offer an insight into businesses wanting to invest in graduates and support candidates who are new to the job market.

The ideal matchmaker

For me, the best part about my role is the match making; it really isn’t just for dating apps!  Supporting my candidates through the hiring process and helping them take their first steps towards a new profession or enhancing an existing career, can massively impact a person’s life, and being instrumental in that is why I do this job! Whether I’m offering a stronger insight into a business to support them with interview preparation, or negotiating the best salary for them, my goal is to always add value in some way during this process.

We all have dreams as children, of what we want to be when we grow up, although mine was always to just be taller! I often wonder how many went on to be what their younger self set out to be, or whether they took a different path all together?

Compass Point Recruitment is here for those people who are still unsure what they want to be when they grow up!

Paige O’Connell, is a Principal Consultant at Compass Point Recruitment. If you are looking for a recruitment partner that is passionate about connecting the right people together, then contact: E: paige@compasspoint.co.uk  T: 01284 765700
or visit compasspoint.co.uk

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