Providing surety in your IT support

By Owen Williams, West View IT

When I started my career back in the mid-2000s, we measured IT success by how quick we were; to respond, to fix, to get you back up and working.

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Spring 2021
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West View IT: Outsourcing Professionals

I founded West View IT four years ago with a different philosophy. We’re the IT company you don’t have to call. We believe that IT is about being proactive, ensuring your systems are well maintained and closely monitored; in essence, our managed approach simply works, freeing you and your team to focus on your business.  

A Different approach to IT

This approach has been successfully proven during COVID. I’m grateful that in the last year with all the challenges that my clients have had to deal with and worry about, their IT hasn’t been one of them. Irrespective of their industry, they were able to pick up their devices and work from home, seamlessly. They weren’t constrained by their IT, even on day one of the first lockdown, nor have they been since.

When is the right time to switch IT providers?

I’m often asked whether there is a right time to move IT providers and I wish I could share a magic formula as my answer. It might be when the same problems keep cropping up, again and again. Or, perhaps, your team is complaining because they couldn’t hit an important deadline due to their Excel document not saving to OneDrive.

Fundamentally, I believe that what matters most is that you trust your provider to keep your IT working, your staff productive, and your data safe.

Owen Williams is the Founder and Managing Director of West View IT. For more information contact T: 01449 798119 E: or visit

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