Responsible recruiting

How R13 get it right! By Rebecca Headden, R13 Recruitment

Oh, the number of times I have seen people’s faces fall when I tell them I work in recruitment. It makes me sad, but I get that there’s a stigma attached which comes from agencies who hard sell, don’t listen to candidates or clients, and just hope that hurling unqualified CVs around will get them results.

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine, Winter/Spring 2020

R13 does it differently with our 360° approach to recruitment

We believe in partnership working. We recognise that we’re representing our clients when we work with them and it’s so important that we convey their business accordingly. We take time to truly understand them. We talk to them and establish the brilliant bits and the bits which are a challenge. We find the things which make a business successful; its values and culture.

To us, just a job description simply isn’t enough to do our clients justice. We consider where a business is now and where it wants to be and help with suggestions from a people perspective. We get to grips with vacancies and visit teams to see them in action and we help to develop job roles and descriptions.

Getting to know you

In terms of our candidates, our philosophy is ensuring we take just as much care to really understand all about them: Why they want to move, their experience and exposure (work and otherwise), likes and dislikes, the areas they excel in and their goals.

We provide support throughout to enable people to achieve their level best. We’re not just matching words on a job description to a CV; we’re helping people make a hugely important decision which impacts their life. We want to ensure that the move they make is right for them, that they’re happy and successful. That positively impacts the client too – improved retention, culture, staff wellbeing, career development. It’s a win-win!

And that approach, whilst it takes time and investment, absolutely works. We have an amazing array of clients throughout East Anglia whom we have been proud to work alongside for many years. To have made a positive impact on how their businesses have developed, be it from placing executive level professionals who have shaped strategy, to people on the front line who make that business work.

It’s why we love what we do

Building long term relationships, seeing people we place progress in their careers and helping organisations flourish.

All this hard work is delivered through our, frankly wonderful team. It’s been tough to find and develop a group of like-minded professionals who buy into R13’s philosophy. These guys live and breathe the R13 culture and give everything, plus a bit extra, to exceed expectations. They care; they truly do. They get how much of a responsibility this job really is, and they work with that in mind every day.

Responsible practice

And it’s a tough job because of that, so we do all we can to support our team to support others. That’s our responsibility. From the little things like shouting breakfast at the end of the month and filling the drinks fridge, to the bigger things like paying the living wage, having a mental health first aider, ongoing training and coaching, the “no blame” culture where we discuss challenges and together come up with solutions, and flexible working to support lives outside of work.

Overall, we want every engagement to be valuable and positive. It’s our responsibility as recruiters to add value and create supportive, meaningful relationships.

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