Sackers appoints new Chief Operating Officer

Sackers have appointed a new Chief Operating Officer to support the business with its growth plans.
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Gary Young, has over 30 years of experience working within the Metals and Engineering Industry with a successful track record of delivering business growth, high performance and continuous improvements. He started his career by undertaking a 4-year apprenticeship studying for an HND in cast metals technology and since worked his way up the ladder to MD roles in blue chip international businesses. His 30 years in highly successful operations roles, combined with his business knowledge allows him to bring skills and experience to grow Sackers to the next level.

Sackers is predominantly an operational outfit which processes and sorts 75,000+ tonnes of scrap metals and 30,000+ tonnes of commercial waste.  The clean and sorted commodities get shipped from Felixstowe all over the world for recycling into new products. The business has invested heavily in the circular economy over the last decade, with a £3million investment in the regions only steel shredding plant, shredding items such as whole cars and aeroplanes and more recently a further £1m investment in a copper cable granulating plant. These investments allow the business to have a competitive edge and be the end processor of scrap and waste.

Managing Director, David Dodds says “Our business is all about processing and operations, and that’s where we can make the biggest improvements. Gary has proven success and experience in process improvement and product efficiency. I’ve seen the way he runs a business and it’s second to none. We couldn’t ask for a better fit for our business, or have more confidence in anyone more competent to take on the new operation projects than Gary”

Gary Young says “Sackers is well known to me, and I’ve used them as a supplier in my previous roles. I’ve worked in the metal industry for a number of years so I’m able to bring along some skills and knowledge to make a difference quickly. There are exciting growth plans ahead which I am very keen to get my teeth into and be part of improving the business further. It’s all about continuous improvement in a role like this and I will be looking at new technology, process improvements and I will be able to offer tangible value to the operations”.

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