Sackers CEO makes top 100 list of global recycling stars

Local businessman and CEO of Sackers Ltd, in Claydon, Ipswich has been recognised as one of the top recycling stars in the industry, globally, by reaching number 37 out of 100 the Recycling Industry magazine. The criteria is based on inspiring and determined entrepreneurs, companies and projects that have made the recycling industry what it is today.
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The announcement was made on the 22 July 2021 and others include metal recycling and waste recycling companies all over the world. The magazine is a global publication that focusses solely on the sector with leading technology and key influencers.

CEO David Dodds has worked in the business for 42 years and says:

“It was a real surprise to see my name on the list, especially for global recognition. We’re a local business but we’ve traded globally for many years.  Having been acknowledged for this and how we’ve gone from strength to strength over the last few years is very humbling. We have always invested in new technology to adapt to the market needs and I will continue to look at further investments and new markets.  If I look back from when I joined 42 years ago, the business has really changed and I’m proud of everyone who has been part of that journey”

Sackers is a family business which has seen considerable growth and investment in the last few years.  Despite covid, international shipping of containers has gone up by 47% in in the last 7 months.

In 2019, to satisfy China’s zero waste policy, the business invested £1million in a Cable Granulation plant which processes cable and separates the plastic from the copper.

The business has the only Shredder of its’ size in East Anglia which means they can process all types of scrap metal including aeroplanes and cars. This allows the business to sell the end product directly to the consumer where it will get converted into steel without any further refining.

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