Scaling up a business, from your first hire

Working with start-ups and entrepreneurs gives a great insight into how some of the region’s most successful businesses have scaled up and flourished from a dream, an idea, or a passion to a well-known brand.

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine Summer | Autumn 2023

Outsourcing Professional: Bay Tree VA

Bay Tree VA founder, Jane Cattermole, understands the challenges of building a team, helping clients to identify a skills gap and finding the personality that will complement a culture.  “The wrong hire can be disruptive and can take the best business plan off course. Identifying tasks, responsibilities and the hours required to make an impact can be trial and error. My conversations with clients are often when they are at a tipping point, under unhealthy stress and nervous about recruitment” explains Jane.

Roxy Seabourne of the High Growth Academy and New Anglia Growth Hub, offers some sound advice: “A common challenge faced by the small business owners that I support is lack: lack of time, lack of money, lack of freedom. The root cause of this is trying to do everything themselves.  If we value our time at say £75 per hour, then record each task that we carry out over a 10-day period, we can see the money-making activities that we should be prioritising and the repetitive or specialist activities that we should be getting someone who is quicker or more experienced to do.  I am a great advocate of outsourcing to virtual assistants like Bay Tree VA because it’s flexible, affordable and enables us to be more efficient, make more money and spend more time doing things that we actually love doing.”

A learning journey

Jane adds “It is a learning journey and having the flexibility and experience of an executive assistant on board will help to create an environment where building the team is less risky – taking small, confident, well thought through steps rather than giant leaps of faith. Not only can a Bay Tree VA help with the tasks associated with the running of a business, but we can also be part of the planning for future growth – taking on market research, analysis, project management, funding and accreditation work – pretty much everything that drops down the list when a business owner is trying to juggle it all – day in, day out.”


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