Seeing the big picture

The first question when a Bay Tree VA starts working with a client is often – ‘what is preventing you from getting on with what you NEED to be doing?’

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Winter 2023|24

Outsourcing Professionals: Bay Tree VA

The response will usually relate to volume of work or time-consuming, repetitive tasks. Sometimes the client needs organising, or to offload a specific project.

In the case of Mancroft Learning, the support needed from one of our executive virtual assistants was different, something far more personal and crucial to the progress of the business.

Dealing with dyslexia

Dyslexia is a genetic learning difference that impacts memory and reading, writing and processing skills – it affects approximately 1 in 5 people.

Zoë Brown is a Dyslexia Specialist and founder of Mancroft Learning. She is a qualified and experienced specialist, having been diagnosed as dyslexic at an early age herself. Dyslexic children and adults have many strengths and cognitive advantages which can lead them to become very successful in the modern world. Dyslexic thinking skills include analysing and problem-solving.

Those with dyslexia look at the facts and use a unique perspective to find solutions to challenges; dyslexics can be creative and inventive, coming up with original ideas.  They see the big picture.  But, perhaps, best of all, dyslexics are often very empathetic, making them great team members and friends!

An extra pair of eyes and hands

“Having a Bay Tree VA is integral to my business,” explains Zoë. “Attention to detail, organisational skills and proofreading ability are vital so I need another pair of eyes and another pair of hands. My Bay Tree VA supports me in liaising with clients, ensures all reports go out error-free and, most importantly, she understands me and the value of what I do for children’s learning.  I couldn’t do what I do without her.”

Jane Cattermole, founder of Bay Tree VA concludes: “I love the Mancroft Learning story and feel privileged that Bay Tree continues to play a part in Zoë’s success. In recognition of her work, Zoë has recently been awarded Highly Commended in the Norfolk Flourish Awards which is so well deserved.  We are always looking for opportunities whereby Bay Tree VA can work with more people and organisations such as Mancroft Learning, levelling the playing field to help anyone to succeed in business, whatever their background or challenges.”

Main Photo shows Zoë Brown, Mancroft Learning

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