Spotlight on Charlotte Travers

Owner and Director, SocialB

Charlotte is at the helm of a company generating leads for businesses by harnessing their website and digital channels.

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine Winter 2023|24

About Charlotte

This year I took the lead following a management buyout, and I am now the Owner and Director of SocialB. Clients come to us to generate more leads via their website and digital channels through paid advertising and search engine optimisation.

Based in Norfolk, the SocialB team works across different industries including education, technology, and manufacturing I can often be found speaking on a podcast, out networking or at home with my Labrador Deezy, who will introduce himself with lots of energy! My dream night out is in Norwich starting with dinner at Yard, drinks at The Bicycle Shop and then karaoke.   


Describe yourself in three words? Optimistic. Impulsive. Multi-tasker.

What was your first job? I worked at a Ryman’s stationers, and I made the most of the employee discount!

How do you spend your leisure time? I dog sit most weekends so you will find me at home, surrounded by dogs playing, including my chocolate lab who is a super host.

What’s your favourite television programme? There is so much to choose from! I love TV and I am currently watching Taskmaster, Race Across The World and Selling Sunset.

What’s your favourite food? We love a curry in my house. We have Indian food at every special occasion.

What food do you hate? Eggs freak me out. If you think about it too much, eggs are weird.

What is your biggest weakness? Saying yes to every social invite, I suffer with huge fear of missing out.

What frustrates you? Traffic, I can get some mega road rage.

Where are you happiest? TK Maxx.

What was the first record you bought? I think it was Barbie Girl by Aqua, I wish it was cooler than that!

At school, what were you good at? Maths and chatting to my mates when I shouldn’t be.

What one material thing could you not do without? I am addicted to my phone, and it is always by my side. It’s become my own music and content library. I love listening to music when I am working and have different playlists for different tasks. I also get stuck into a podcast or audiobook when I am walking the dog or cooking. Think Taylor Swift when doing the payroll and Dare To Lead by Brené Brown when I am making dinner.

You’d go to a fancy-dress party as?  Shania Twain in the full leopard print outfit.

What poster did you have on your bedroom wall as a child? Definitely Spice Girls and they were my first concert too.

How many attempts before you passed your driving test? Oh first time! My driving instructor used to tell me to pause my chatting about The Apprentice when I had to do manoeuvres.            

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