Spotlight on Nick Lane

Managing Director, Nick Lane Marketing Nick started his marketing career at Aviva where he managed the IFA advertising, then set up his own marketing consultancy. Published in Norfolk Director Magazine Autumn 2021

About Nick

Nick specialises in destination marketing, working with pubs and restaurants with rooms, hotels, tourist attractions and Big C, the local cancer charity. He recently launched Fritton Lake Private Members Club, part of the prestigious Somerleyton Estate on the Norfolk Suffolk border.

Nick also likes to work with individuals that face challenge and enjoys helping them to succeed. He sees every individual and situation as different, so where possible he takes an objective approach, listening and gaining insight which helps take the subjectivity out of decision making.  He places a great deal of importance on values, integrity, and loyalty, playing the longer game, not for the quick buck.


Describe yourself in three words? A people person.

What was your first job? I worked at a wine merchants – the best job I ever had!

What frustrates you? People who are rude and greedy with no consideration for others. 

How do you spend your leisure time? I love playing tennis, golf, skiing but the real buzz comes from Kite Surfing on the North Norfolk coast.

What’s your favourite television programme? The original Magnum P.I with Tom Selleck – just because I’m a big child at heart. 

What’s your favourite food? Tough question as I live to eat! Probably a traditional French Tournedos Rossini served rare. 

What food do you hate? Pig’s liver.

What is your biggest weakness? A decent bottle of wine to go with that Tournedos Rossini.

Where are you happiest? On a beach in India – pure escapism in a country so vibrant and that wows every sense.  

What was the first record you bought? The theme tune to Swap Shop.

At school, what were you good at? Getting into trouble and then getting myself out of trouble.

What one material thing could you not do without? The car which gets me to the beach for kitesurfing.

You’d go to a fancy-dress party as?  Magnum P.I, I’ve got the shirt but not the car.

What poster did you have on your bedroom wall as a child? A map of the world.

How many attempts before you passed your driving test? I passed first time within four weeks. 



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