Suffolk Chamber appoints new supply chain head

A senior Suffolk executive with over two decades of operations management experience has been appointed by Suffolk Chamber of Commerce to head up its Sizewell C supply chain team.
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Ashley Shorey-Mills previously worked for a number of retailers in key management positions, including for Hughes Electrical. His knowledge of working within complicated and time-dependent supply chains gives him an especially important role in ensuring as many local and regional companies are as ready as possible for the opportunities afforded by the building of a new nuclear power station at Sizewell C on the Suffolk coast once the scheme is approved.

Ashley said: “This is a vitally important period in preparations for Sizewell C. My priority is to ensure that the 1400-plus Suffolk and East Anglian businesses already registered on the supply chain portal ( are at peak readiness as and when contracts start being awarded, initially for some of the work needed to prepare the site as and when the project is given the go-ahead.”

“I’m also keen to further increase the numbers of local and regional businesses signed up to the portal as that will maximise the opportunities to boost local economic activity as a result of this signature infrastructure project.”

“I’ve got a great and growing team around me, who are working with purpose to support local and other businesses to be best prepared for the myriad of Sizewell C-related opportunities.”

Steve Carroll, senior supply chain lead for Sizewell C welcomed Ashley’s appointment: “It’s great to welcome Ashley on board. With Ashley’s background and the relationship between Sizewell C and Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, we are ideally placed to make the most of the opportunity that Sizewell C will bring to the Suffolk business community.”

Image: Ashley Shorey-Mills Image credit Nicky West Photography

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