Suffolk Chamber launches a manifesto “based on purposeful collaboration”

Suffolk Chamber in Ipswich is one of four ‘place areas’ within the countywide structure operated by Suffolk Chamber of Commerce.

Chaired by Paul Copsey of Auditel, Suffolk Chamber in Ipswich launched its local manifesto under the headings of infrastructure, people and trade which are the same as those in Suffolk Chamber’s overall manifesto.

He said: “Ipswich is a place of enormous potential both in itself and as a key part of the bigger Suffolk business offer. For years, Suffolk Chamber in Ipswich has ensured that the aspirations and needs of local businesses are understood and supported by Government bodies and local councils.

“The emphasis in our new manifesto is on working purposefully in collaboration with partner organisations such as Ipswich Vision to build a strategic approach to helping our business base grow and contribute to sustainable prosperity for all.”

Ipswich campaign objectives include attracting a diverse range of inward investment into the town’s business parks, pushing for improvements to local traffic congestion hot spots into and out of town, Influencing the town’s education and skills provision to reflect business needs, especially regarding skill shortages including in ICT, maximising the procurement opportunities to SMEs and advocating for a lighter touch approach to local business regulation.

John Dugmore, Suffolk Chamber’s chief executive, added: “Suffolk Chamber in Ipswich represents businesses from every sector and point of the compass in the town. This gives us a unique relevance and this new manifesto sets out our campaigning objectives to help them and the wider business community in the town grow and prosper.”

The Suffolk Chamber in Ipswich manifesto can be viewed here:

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