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Our lead interview is with Matthew C Applegate, Creative Computing Club
“Everything we do at the Creative Computing Club is incredibly hard work, but also incredibly rewarding. It’s not about the paycheque, it’s about the future of the kids I teach and putting them on the right path.”

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The lead interview is with our very own Editor-in-Chief Sue Wilcock
After years of interviewing business owners and directors for Suffolk Director Magazine, Sue is finally the one being interviewed about her career and the passion that lies behind the magazine.

“The ethos of Suffolk Director is that it has integrity, is respected and the cover is something to aspire to. It answers the questions that help owners and directors run their businesses better.”

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The Autumn 2021 issue of Suffolk Director is themed GUIDE
Our lead interview is with
Kevin Ward, Conatus Financing Solutions
“I have learnt a lot from others about business, but the most important guidance came from my dad, a sales manager, who taught me that if you look after customers properly, treat them right and help them to find a solution to their problem, they will keep coming back.”

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The Summer issue 2021 is themed AGILE
2021 Summer| Suffolk Director Magazine
Guy Nicholls, Tru7 Group
“The most challenging thing I do is being a parent. As a child you’re taught to do all sorts of things, but not to be a husband and a father; business is easy compared to that.”

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2021 Spring | Suffolk Director Magazine
Carole Burman & Charlotte Bate, MAD-HR
“Being a good HR professional is a bit like being a chameleon – you adapt the mantle that best suits the people you are with. We have learnt how to fit whilst remaining authentic and comfortable with who we are.”

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2020 Autumn/Winter | Suffolk Director Magazine
Peter Wilson, Group MD, Cory Brothers “I’ve always lived by my dad’s advice; to treat everyone as your equal. My ambition is based on an understanding that you can get on without having to tread on others to do it”

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Summer/Autumn 2020 COVID-19 Special Issue | Rebecca, Suffolk Director

Rebecca Thurlow, MD, Compass Point Recruitment “I’ve thought about the word I would use to describe the COVID-19 pandemic and that’s ‘scary!’ Especially in the early weeks, it was very scary on so many levels, both privately and professionally. But the positives have been more than I expected.”

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2020 Winter/Spring | Suffolk Director Magazine
David Dodds, Joint MD, Sackers
“We have a responsibility to make sure that as little as possible of the material we take in goes to landfill. We charge a gate fee per tonne and our job is to make sure extraction and recycling is done efficiently and economically.”

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2019 Autumn/Winter | Suffolk Director Magazine

Ilka Gansera-Lévêque, Owner, IGL Racing
“My business IGL Racing has an unusual USP which is I’m the only female trainer based in the UK that is also a qualified vet.”

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2019 Summer/Autumn | Suffolk Director Magazine

Del Sharman, Director, Pound Gates
“I am a firm believer that hard work, focus and determination will always lead to opportunities.”

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2019 Spring/Summer | Suffolk Director Magazine

Juliette John, JJ Aesthetic Laser Skin Wellness Clinic
“I am passionate about my work which makes a real difference to a person’s life.”

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2018/19 Winter | Suffolk Director Magazine

John Jackaman, MD, Infusions Group
“A great thing about being a chef is you don’t need to be academically gifted to have a remarkable career.”

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