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Our lead interview is with Sarah Smith, chief people officer at national integrated marketing agency, StrategiQ. Starting their business ten years ago, Sarah and Andy are a husband and wife team who have taken their two-person operation from the kitchen table to a 54-strong workforce spanning offices in Suffolk, Warwickshire, East London, and Manchester.

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Our lead interview is with David Scott, who talks about growing up in the family antiques business, to working with big brands, before becoming CEO of The Hotel Folk, a community of folk obsessed with looking after guests at its six Suffolk hotels.

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Our lead interview is with Clare Friel, who talks candidly about her early years including becoming a Mum at 17, and her journey into the construction world and setting up her own business, Friel marketing.

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Our theme is Change for this issue of Suffolk Director, lead interview is with Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore of Fen Farm in Bungay. Their story is a brilliant example of how as traditional dairy farmers, the couple have diversified into producing the award-winning Brie-de-Meaux style cheese, Baron Bigod.

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Our theme is Tech for this issue of Suffolk Director, and our lead interview is with Chris Pont, Co-founder and Chair of software delivery, data and business intelligence firm, IJYI.

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Our lead interview is with Jenny Butler, Liner Director at Cory Brothers, a great example of how anyone from any walk of life, can achieve success, even having faced significant adversity.

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Our lead interview in this issue is with Olly Magnus, CEO of Magnus Group based in Suffolk. He talks about his yearnings to emigrate to Australia and how his experiences, good and bad, led him to buy into his father’s business and continue his legacy.

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Our lead interview is with Matthew C Applegate, Creative Computing Club
“Everything we do at the Creative Computing Club is incredibly hard work, but also incredibly rewarding. It’s not about the paycheque, it’s about the future of the kids I teach and putting them on the right path.”

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The lead interview in the Winter 20/22 issue is with our very own Editor-in-Chief Sue Wilcock. After years of interviewing business owners and directors for Suffolk Director Magazine, Sue is finally the one being interviewed about her career and the passion that lies behind the magazine.

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Our lead interview in the Autumn 2021 issue of Suffolk Director is with Kevin Ward at Conatus Financing Solutions
“I have learnt a lot from others about business, but the most important guidance came from my dad.”

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The Summer issue 2021 features Guy Nicholls,, Owner & CEO of Tru7 Group
“The most challenging thing I do is being a parent. As a child you’re taught to do all sorts of things, but not to be a husband and a father; business is easy compared to that.”

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The Spring 2021issue features Carole Burman and Charlotte Bate of MAD-HR
“Being a good HR professional is a bit like being a chameleon – you adapt the mantle that best suits the people you are with. We have learnt how to fit whilst remaining authentic and comfortable with who we are.”

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