Survey shows 70% of businesses happy to be flexible

Research commissioned by a leading manufacturer and installer of purpose-built garden offices and buildings has shown that businesses are more open than ever to their staff having a ‘flexible’ approach to where they work.
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The results of the survey were issued to coincide with International Stress awareness Week 2020 (ISAW), a platform for stress and mental health problems to be highlighted, and which is led by the International Stress Management Association.

There is no doubt that stress and mental health problems have never been more important than now” said Matt Moss, managing director of SMART Garden Offices, Offices & Studios, who commissioned the research of UK business leaders. “The challenges that are presented are never more acute than in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and that is why ISAW is more important than ever.”

SMART commissioned the UK Work from Home Survey 2020 which was distributed to business leaders across the UK. It found that 70% of businesses would be happy for their staff to have a flexible approach to working from home in the future.

Why, where and how we work is the foundation for managing our mental health” said Matt Moss. “Our research has shown that business leaders are more open than ever to considering new options to ensure both they and their staff manage stress in the right way.”

The UK Work from Home Survey 2020 also showed that while 50% of business believe that future financial security is the most important issue to their staff, 70% of business believe that mental and physical health is the most important issue to their staff post COVID-19 lockdown.

I know that managing stress is about getting the right balance” Matt Moss continued. Feeling stressed or anxious is the most common way adults experience some form of depression and while managing these has many formats our working lives are a key component.

The UK Work from Home Survey 2020 tells us encouragingly that more and more businesses are prepared to do what is needed to support their staff.”

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