Teach Duo Set to Make Suffolk a County of Language Lovers

Two senior Suffolk teachers have joined forces to launch an innovative linguistics business.
Emily Kerrison and Debbie Leadbetter believe the region could soon become an exemplar for how foreign languages can be learned and appreciated by both children and adults.
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Their business, Language Town, will use a mix of individual and group tuition, as well as exciting ‘immersive’ experiences which encourage learners to be plunged into the culture and conversation of a particular country.

With a combined three decades of teaching within East Anglian schools, the pair have already unveiled a catalogue of leisure learning and exam-focused tuition sessions, as well as packages of teacher-training to support classroom staff throughout Suffolk.

“We are really excited to be launching our unique language learning approach in Suffolk,” said Emily, former Head of Languages at Westbourne Academy.

“If there’s one area of study which all age groups can benefit from embracing, it’s languages. Not only can it help with holiday travel, but it is proven to open up career opportunities and to increase our understanding of other cultures throughout the world.”

Debbie, a published author and former Head of Department at Northgate High School, added: “We recognise that for a lot of people, learning languages can feel scary, too challenging, and, in some cases, too monotonous and lacking in creativity.

“Our approach really turns that on its head. We’ve got some exciting things coming up in the way we bring Language Town to the community and to schools, which will truly make students feel they are immersing themselves in the country and culture where a particular language is spoken.”

Language Town’s initial programmes include a packed schedule of leisure learning. Sessions are taking place on a range of evenings and Friday daytime courses will run from February 2020. Classes are suitable for learners of all levels and backgrounds.

Based on Farthing Road Industrial Estate in Ipswich, the company has also commenced tuition classes in French, Spanish, ideal for students preparing for exams at GCSE level, or A Levels.

Emily added: “Our business is very innovative in an area of teaching which has changed little over the past two decades.

“We’re excited to serve the schools, students and community of Suffolk and to help make this a county which can be seen as an exemplar for how it approaches language learning.”

Picture of Emily and debbie taken by Warren PagePagepix

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