The hidden simplicity of innovation

By Owen Williams, West View IT

When you think innovation, what comes to mind, VR Headsets, AI technology and developers? Or is it all that fancy stuff that computer scientists are doing?

Published in Suffolk Director magazine, Summer|Autumn 2022

Outsourcing Professionals: West View IT

Innovation is defined as a new method, idea, or product, and I believe that anyone can use technology to apply simple innovations to their business. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It also doesn’t need a massive budget, or long-winded planning.

Take us at West View IT for example. We looked at the traditional IT support process, which is famously known as ‘the people you call when it all goes wrong’, and ‘the support team for your staff when they are stuck’.

Starting with small innovative changes

We made what started as a small innovative change to this model, to grow our ‘new method’. What was it? Well, every time an issue (or ‘ticket’) was raised by one of our customers, we applied the solution to ALL our clients, meaning that everyone learnt from each other. A collective think tank of solutions, over time this idea has grown, which is why we are now known as ‘The IT Support company you won’t have to call’.

Technology is a fantastic opportunity to create new ways to work, and if you would like your business to be a part of our ‘Collective Proactive IT Support’, or if you want to just talk about your technology, reach out to us at West View IT.

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Owen Williams is the Founder and MD of West View IT

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