Turning the tables on turmoil

By The North Essex Economic Board (NEEB).
Businesses in Essex and worldwide have faced significant upheaval recently due to factors like Brexit, a pandemic, conflict in Ukraine, and a rising cost of living.
Published in UK Director Magazines Summer 2024

“It was great to have someone shine a light on the business and show there is a path forward. this is what we’re going to do, and how I can help you. We felt a bit lost, unsure of what’s next, but having the support has helped us gain confidence in our business and helped us grow.”
Amber Coldron, Nursery Manager, Cann Hall

Business Support: The North Essex Economic Board (NEEB)

In recent years, business leaders have grappled with adversity, uncertainty, and tough decisions to secure their futures and achieve their goals.

While some high street staples have sadly reached breaking point, many local entrepreneurs and business leaders have seized this uncertain period as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Committed to nurturing economic growth, NEEB has curated free support programmes to enhance digital skills among residents and ensure businesses have the necessary tools and support to adapt, innovate, and emerge stronger.

The role of the NEEB

The NEEB is a collaborative initiative of North Essex local authorities, focused on cultivating economic growth and development in the North Essex region. Through innovation, investment, and improved infrastructure, we empower businesses, support entrepreneurship, develop skills, and enhance residents’ quality of life.

How can we help?

Access to business finance and guidance: One of the key benefits offered by the NEEB is free access to business experts from Let’s Do Business Group. Whether you need a listening ear to talk through your plans, or advice on moving the business forward through strategy, recruitment, operations, financial planning, or marketing – they are here to help. The team benefits from a wealth of business knowledge and experience including how to access business finance and grants for development. If you are based in the districts of Chelmsford, Colchester, Braintree, Tendring or Maldon, and looking to expand, your business can access the help it needs to fuel your growth ambitions.

Skills development and training: In addition, North Essex residents and businesses can access free programmes focused on skills development and training. From professional development workshops on digital marketing, leadership, and finance, to personal development training to improve IT skills and obtain employment. Many businesses have already capitalised on these opportunities to enhance the capabilities of their workforce and drive innovation within their organisations.

Programmes include:

Blueprint for Business: Developed and delivered by a team of award-winning business coaches, this programme provides you with learning opportunities you can tailor to suit your needs, along with access to a North Essex entrepreneurial ecosystem. Covering topics such as business growth, marketing, negotiation skills, cyber security, and digital tools, it is organised so that businesses can create a pick ‘n’ mix of activities to support their individual business growth goals.

Support for Digital Transformation: In an increasingly digital world, businesses must embrace digital marketing and technology to stay competitive. Recognising this need, North Essex businesses can access a series of free marketing webinars on topics such as social media, marketing strategy, SEO, email marketing, and using Canva.


To find out more about the business support programmes available get in touch with Let’s Do Business Group on:

T: 0800 970 8981
E: essex@ldbgroup.co.uk
Or visit www.neeb.co.uk

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