Unlock your potential through adult learning

By Lee Bird, Chelmsford College.
In today's fast-paced world, achieving an extra accredited qualification gives you an advantage in the workforce and potentially increases your earning potential.
Published in UK Director Magazines Summer 2024

Adult Learning: Lee Bird, Chelmsford College

Chelmsford College’s new initiative – Skills for Adults – offers a variety of short/part-time and free online courses covering a range of subjects such as mental health, business, childcare, sustainability, and many more.

Encouraging tenacity

With tenacity at its heart, Chelmsford College encourages everyone, regardless of age, to use their determination and commit to furthering their education and skills. Some may assume that further education isn’t needed once secure in a job, but our variety of adult learning courses proves that no matter where you are in your life or career, extra qualifications can benefit you.

Whether you’re in a company where staff are required to have specific professional qualifications – such as health and safety or management – or you just want to increase your personal development, the college has a course for you. Ultimately, investing in your education isn’t just about professional development; it’s empowering and fulfilling, and helps you excel in your personal growth.

Tenacity propels perseverance and enriches creativity, so you can reach your aspirations through fostering this mindset. Tenacity linked with adult learning results in acquiring new skills or staying current within your industry.

Free online learning

In addition to a wide mix of face-to-face courses, we also provide various online courses, covering subjects such as learning difficulties, cyber security, and nutrition, among others. The best part is that with adult skills funding, these online courses could be free for you.

The vast range of courses on offer allows you to either pursue a new passion, or enhance and build upon skills you already have. Our flexible online platform allows you to fit your chosen course into your own time and enrich skills and knowledge at your own pace. Online learning is the perfect tool to give you a new focus in life while still having the capacity to manage your daily responsibilities effectively. Learners have 24/7 access to course materials, meaning you can study around work and family commitments. Moreover, upon successful completion of your chosen course, you will be rewarded with a tangible qualification to validate your new-found knowledge.

Continuous improvement

Chelmsford College is about unlocking the potential which varies from person to person. While we are proud of our work serving young people for over 60 years, we also strongly believe in promoting lifelong learning. That’s why Chelmsford College is the perfect place for those interested in adult learning; a place where you will be welcomed by a friendly, like-minded community. It isn’t just 16-18 year olds who are excited by the chance of making new friends and connections, because adults can too. Gaining new qualifications gives you a sense of purpose and fulfilment regardless of age. For some it will be achieving their English and Maths qualifications; for others, it is an access course to bridge their route to university. Overall, adult learning is the way to continually advance yourself professionally or personally, and we look forward to working with more adult learners in the future.

Unlock your potential through adult learning 1


Lee Bird is Head of Business Services and Commercial Training at Chelmsford College.

T: 01245 265611
E: courses4business@chelmsford.ac.uk
Or visit www.chelmsford.ac.uk

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