Walking the walk

By Jane Cattermole, Bay Tree VA.

It all started with needing to share the load...
My business support company was growing - I found myself stretched too thin and struggling to manage everything efficiently.

Published in UK Director Magazines Spring 24

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Jane Cattermole,
Bay Tree VA

However, as our work fluctuates, I knew that I needed to build a committed, enthusiastic team that flexed around workload while also being responsive to demand. 

Help is at Hand

That’s when I decided to bring in my first Bay Tree Virtual Assistant (BTVA). Their approach was refreshingly straightforward and solution orientated. They not only dealt with my to-do lists, but also acted as a reliable sounding board and intelligent resource. I was soon engaging a second BTVA, this time for bookkeeping.

Delegating when you are used to doing everything yourself is challenging. However, both BTVAs were proactive in seeking clarification when they were uncertain about any aspect of their work and this not only reassured me, but also deepened my trust in this collaborative working model.

As my business continued to grow, so did the need to compartmentalise further roles. I now have executive virtual assistants helping manage the team, operations, marketing, new enquiries and client services. Roles vary from between 15-60 hrs a month, and I value the experience they bring from working with a diverse range of clients. 

Flexible and High Calibre

Although we do not adhere to a traditional employed model, we are still a close-knit team. This type of partnership attracts high quality personnel, and the collaborative approach is fresh, lively and very productive with no down time. It is a path BTVAs have actively chosen, recognising how rewarding a portfolio role can be. 

Ultimately, I have access to a supportive team that is of a much higher calibre than I could employ for the flexible hours they offer me, and that model aligns with my business needs. 

My company is Bay Tree VA and I utilise the skills and experience of the very executive virtual assistants that I offer to clients. Since we began in 2008, we have developed a process which enables us to identify exceptional team members, and the engagement I get from them is testament to the benefits of this approach. It could benefit your business too.

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For further information about how Bay Tree VA can support your business, visit www.baytreeva.co.uk or contact standingby@baytreeva.co.uk

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