Wealth of opportunities for region’s logistics, transport and warehousing sectors

More than 100 businesses from the logistics, transport and warehousing sectors were invited to hear how they could be a part of the Sizewell C project at an event held at Trinity Park, Ipswich, last week (21 March).
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Local firms across Suffolk, Norfolk and the wider region received an overview of the project, including an insight into the wide-ranging opportunities that will be available.

Organised by Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and Sizewell C, the supply chain event featured speakers from Sizewell C as well as some of the current service providers on the Hinkley Point C project in Somerset, which is now around half way through its build.

The event focused largely on the wider energy opportunity presented to the Eastern region, highlighting the importance of nuclear, wind and other new technologies, such as hydrogen.

Speaking after the event, Ashley Shorey-Mills, Suffolk Chamber head of supply chain engagement, said: “Once again, these events have shown what a proactive and well-prepared supply chain we have here in the region.”

“This project promises to leave a positive legacy for our supply chain and based on the evidence we saw today, I have every confidence that when tasked to, Suffolk and the surrounding region will deliver on the needs of Sizewell C and beyond.”

Steve Carroll, Sizewell C senior supply chain lead, explained that the events provide a vital role in ensuring local businesses become part of the supply chain: “It is of the highest importance Sizewell C uses a local supply chain throughout the build and operation of this nationally significant infrastructure project.”

“Commitments we have made throughout the planning process will ensure the benefits Sizewell C delivers to the region are far -reaching and events such as this raise awareness of the project amongst the business community and demonstrate how they can get involved.”

New Anglia Growth Hub, Net Zero Leiston, NHS Wellbeing Service and other exhibitors joined the event to offer further advice and support to businesses in areas such as social value and carbon emissions, with an additional opportunity to experience health and safety training using the latest VR technology.

Image credit: Woodbridge Visual Media

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