West View IT Claims Big Mid Suffolk Customer Service Award

The team at West View IT, a leading IT service provider for companies across Suffolk, has plenty of reasons to celebrate. The firm claimed the lucrative Innovation in Customer Services award at the recent Babergh & Mid Suffolk Innovation Awards – a huge achievement for a growing firm with a creative outlook.
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The Innovation Awards take place each year to celebrate the most creative, innovative, and ambitious companies in the Suffolk region. Offering plaudits to firms and entrepreneurs across 11 different categories, self-starting business owners from the food industry, technology sector and high street retail can all expect huge boosts!

Accolades at the ceremony are given to those companies that really go out of their way to try something different – and who show incredible promise! West View IT, this time around, claimed the Customer Services gong – and it’s been a huge boost for the company.

But what is it that West View does differently to other IT service providers?

“We’ve grown West View into the IT company you won’t have to call,” says Owen Williams, Director. “That means we offer a completely proactive, reactive service. Instead of reacting to problems as and when they get reported, we are already on the case.”

This preventive approach to managed IT has clearly struck a chord with judges on the Babergh & Mid Suffolk panel. “Great customer service, to us, is being ready to resolve problems as soon as they arise,” Williams continues.

“Our innovations lie in the way our IT system learns and adapts to our clients. This means that, time and again, our clients have a backup in place that will ‘patch’ problems and fix them before they arise in future. For example, when logging a problem, our system remembers the fix, and we can then apply this patch to our other clients’ needs, too.”

“It’s rather like a self-learning process,” Williams confirms. “We run quietly in the background, actively reacting to IT issues before they even show up on the radar. This means that, over time, we get better and better at supporting specific needs. It’s all about being autonomous for our clients!”

Managed and outsourced IT has grown in popularity over the past few years, largely thanks to its immense flexibility and its cost saving potential compared to in-house training and development. However, in a world where technological demand is always growing, it’s important to always innovate.

“Managed IT is only going to keep growing,” says Williams. “That’s why we feel it’s so important for us to provide a service that goes the extra mile to relieve pressure from our customers’ shoulders. While keeping to best practice, we want to be the go-to provider for self-learning, preventive IT support – someone you won’t have to call when your network goes down, but who will have your back before it happens.”

The Innovation Awards have celebrated the best of the region’s creative thinkers across an extraordinary year – what will next year’s ceremony bring? Post-lockdown innovations are well worth waiting for.

For more information: https://www.westviewit.co.uk

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